Fox-Orian's Digital Artist Workstation On-A-Sorta-Budget Guide - $450 to $650!


Doing digital art requires computer hardware to do it. And you can honestly start doing digital work on any computer you already own, whether it be an over-the-counter desktop or laptop, even over 5 years old!

But, if you’re getting more serious about digital art and you want a dedicated workstation to do it with hardware that’s more effective for its cost, you’re going to want to build your own computer. Laptops are great for their portability and being an easy purchase, but that’s about all they have going for them. A budget desktop system has price-to-performance ratios that completely destroy laptops and can save you money over time from needing to upgrade less often and only needing to swap out individual parts instead of the whole machine.

Are you in the market for this sort of thing right now? This is a lengthy article, so read all about it by continuing on!

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Natural light always brings something special to a room, and particularly so here in combination with the greenery outside. 

Unfortunately (and not for lack of trying) I haven’t been able to find the original source of this image. If you know where it appeared first let me know!

Update: thanks to Liz for getting in touch to let me know that this was her friend and architect John Kleinschmidt’s former apartment. It also turns out that I’ve featured this beautiful place before in a different configuration. Design Sponge has more.


Ergonomic Workstation

When you sit all day, sitting sucks, when you stand all day, standing sucks, so why not give yourself the option to work both ways so that you are not silently murdering your body while you slave away inputting data into a box for minimum wage? The Ergonomic Workstation Ergotron WorkFit-A Sit-Stand Workstation lets you rest your monitor, keyboard, and mouse onto the device and will let you adjust the height of all three devices so that you can either work sitting down or work standing up. The stand or sit workstation was specifically designed for the latest iMac, but would probably work with any type of computer, has a fluid one-touch motion technology, measures 27.4 inches x 24 inches x 22.7 inches, and weighs 34.6 pounds.

Check out the stand or sit workstation in action via the video here.