Of Art and Coffee 

I had a really great time during our Baybayin workshop last November at Cordillera coffee. Though I was new to this and I don’t know anyone from the group, I really had fun learning about our country’s language, heritage and culture. It was a fun night and one night like this is not enough to discuss such interesting subjects such as art and history. I’m looking forward to more events and workshops like this!

Read the story here: Of art and coffee: Baybayin Workshop


GDC is expensive. Bottom price to get into some of these industry talks will put you back at least $800. Fortunately, for those who can’t make the trip or pay to get in, we have GDC Vault. 

A lot of their content is free, and this year there quality talks to choose from. I’m disappointed they didn’t have anything here that I could see that is explicitly about race or political themes in games (disappointing; there are some talks available, just not for free).

In any case, there is still a TON to choose from, so take advantage of this! There are over 3 pages of videos from GDC2015 alone, the links below are ones I’m personally interested in. Check out the official GDC site for more! 


A Live Art Demo of Creating Worlds through Design Thinking (feng zhu)

A Thousand Voices: Open Game Development

A Year of Constraints: How Limitations Improved My Dev Process

Adventures in Text: Innovating in Interactive Fiction

Animation Bootcamp: The Animation Process of Ori

Art Direction Bootcamp: How I learned to Love Procedural Art

Art Direction Bootcamp: The Art & Inspiration of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Building a Manifesto for Game Accessibility

Creating Safe Spaces at Game Events

Revealing the Gaming Habits of Teen Girls

Deliberately Developmental Leadership

Diversity Advocacy Workshop

Epic Fail Mocrotalks: Four Mobile Games, Four Flops, Tons of Lessons

Failure Workshop

From Student to Designer/Writer: Real Talk

Game < Design

Game Developer Harassment: How to Get Through

Get Your Game On With GitHub

Going Indie: 10 Questions to Help You Decide if It’s Right For You

Hearthstone: How to Create an Immersive User Interface

History-Shaping Design: Tales Tole by Early American Board Games

How to Make Your Game Just Completely Hilarious: The Stanley Parable

Indie Polish: Making the Most of the Last 10%

Indie Publishing: A Whole New World

Killer Portfolio or Portfolio Killer: Part 1 - Advice from Industry Artists

No More Excuses, Your Guide to Accessible Design

Portrayals and Pitfalls of Fatness in Games

Producer Panel: Managing Your Indie Team

Still Gaming After All These Years (ageism)

Turning the Tide: Hiring and Retaining Women in the Games Industry

We Suck at Inclusivity: How Language Creates the Largest Invisible Minority for Games


he Rockefeller Foundation supports MoCADA for their great work in bringing artist programming to the public housing developments in Brooklyn. So many New Yorkers comes from a culture where the presentation of art is not a passive act. 

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The chipmunk taxidermy workshop with @bloodyberrylicious has officially sold out but there are still a few spots in the butterfly & moth display workshop on Saturday January 31st. Tickets must be purchased in advance on our website! #entomology #butterfy #moth #taxidermy #bazaarbaltimore #divya #friendforevertaxidermy #oddities #baltimore #workshops #hampden (at Bazaar)

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest page,!

The Moth Education Program works with young people and educators to build community through storytelling workshops, performances and innovative resources.

Visit the site to learn more about the programs we offer, hear from students about our impact and get involved. ‪#‎MothEDU‬

Book Signing: Come One, Come Ten...

I’m getting my message out there one book signing at a time!
Now, if I could only figure out a plan of attack to get more than twenty people at a time to show up.
In fact, I was hoping to have about one hundred people per event.
Is that too much to ask?
According to my manager, agent, publisher, publicist and the Barnes & Noble rep… Yes.
You’d think that if they were receiving a FREE dance class, workshop and evaluation dancers would be lined up in scores;
Apparently people don’t read anymore!

Happy Winter Solstice! Our only winter classes are now up for sale on our website! We are having @bloodyberrylicious back to teach butterfly display and chipmunk taxidermy! Also, space is still available in the Victorian hair art class. Tickets must be purchased in advance on our website: #entomology #butterfy #moth #insects #taxidermy #taxidermyworkshop #divya #chipmunk #bazaarbaltimore #baltimore #hampden #victorian #mourning #mourninghair #naturalhistory #workshops
(at Bazaar)


In my continued effort to learn and improve my art, I completed two workshops and got Copic certified (which means I got added to their teaching registry for my area). I’ll soon be updating with my hot & exciting new branding scheme, and it will also reflect my renewed interest in Copics!

It was a great workshop – rowdy and energetic and all around awesome (with a few dirt jokes shared). I discussed with the lovely teacher, Colleen Schaan, some of my interests in running my own workshops locally at libraries, museums, and art centers. She was very positive and said, “Absolutely, and start now! You’re plenty outgoing and more than knowledgeable enough to do that! You’re an advanced user. Start amping up your website and blogs, too.” Talk about a confidence booster!

I have secured a few locations to do workshops locally. I would definitely like to tackle some of the more challenging illustrative subjects as trees, stone, metals, wood grain, and skies.

What I wanted to ask you lovely internet people is this: any specific requests? The research and lessons I make will very likely trickle down to my blogs and social media outlets, so knowing what you’d personally like is always a plus!

You can reblog at me with comments, personal message me here, email me at loom<at>, ping me at deviantart, or drop me a line on my inkblazers profile.