Of Art and Coffee 

I had a really great time during our Baybayin workshop last November at Cordillera coffee. Though I was new to this and I don’t know anyone from the group, I really had fun learning about our country’s language, heritage and culture. It was a fun night and one night like this is not enough to discuss such interesting subjects such as art and history. I’m looking forward to more events and workshops like this!

Read the story here: Of art and coffee: Baybayin Workshop

Ancient textile and dyeing workshops excavated in Erimi

Archaeologists excavating at Erimi-Laonin tou Porakou in the Limassol district have uncovered a complex of workshops covering an area 30X30 metres that appear to have been used for textiles and dyeing.

“A complete open-air working area extends towards the eastern area of the complex, while a series of two new large rectangular units were cleared on the western and eastern wings with a completely preserved monolithic stone threshold, as well as a pivot system and locking devices,” an announcement from the department of antiquities said on Wednesday.

It said the analysis of botanical remains together with the evidence for working installations such as basins and channels, and an assemblage of objects such as spindle whorls and pouring vessels strengthened the hypothesis that weaving and textile dying were the main activities performed in the complex. Read more.

Finally back home in the #Bronx and just so happy to be surrounded by my favorite books from #whatiloveaboutbeingqueer to #Mandela to my favorite #Art books featuring #Basquiat & #hankwillisthomas, non fiction life changers by Zainab Amadahy and works of fiction by #EdwidgeDanticat. I pull from all of them in all my work and as I prepare to head out on a month straight of #workshops, #keynotes, art exhibitions and events, I am grateful for how prolific we have been in our resistance. In this way our inheritance as Black, Indigeneous & People Of Color is so rich, I am grateful for the opportunities to cross pollinate our greatness between countries and communities. I firmly believe that radical transformation is most possible at the intersection of the streets and the classroom; when we recognize that we are all valuable and deserving of respect, that lived experience is wisdom when given the space to self reflect and that change is not only possible but inevitable. I will be adding all my dates to my website www.kimkatrinmilan.com #artisteducator #entrepreneurs #communityeducator #writer #speaker #host #publicintellectual #publicresearcher


he Rockefeller Foundation supports MoCADA for their great work in bringing artist programming to the public housing developments in Brooklyn. So many New Yorkers comes from a culture where the presentation of art is not a passive act. 

Happy Winter Solstice! Our only winter classes are now up for sale on our website! We are having @bloodyberrylicious back to teach butterfly display and chipmunk taxidermy! Also, space is still available in the Victorian hair art class. Tickets must be purchased in advance on our website: www.bazaarbaltimore.com #entomology #butterfy #moth #insects #taxidermy #taxidermyworkshop #divya #chipmunk #bazaarbaltimore #baltimore #hampden #victorian #mourning #mourninghair #naturalhistory #workshops
(at Bazaar)


with Charlotte Greenblatt

January 27 (Tuesday) 1-3:30pm

January 31 (Saturday) 5:30-8pm

Charlotte’s teaching draws on Russian handbalance technique, focusing on perfect shoulder placement and body alignment, as well as her years of experience as a contemporary dancer and her first-hand experience of recovering from and preventing injury. This workshop is designed for students who already have a strong handstand but want to correct and perfect their alignment and technique, to learn new positions and variations, and work towards one arm handstands.

Prerequisite: 1 minute handstand (against the wall or with a spot) 

Limited to 12 participants

$70 ($50 for members)

$10 off by 1/20