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I'm starting a new work/graduate schedule, and I'll have to hit the gym at 5-6am. Problem is I've never been a morning person, and I'm having trouble both waking up and performing in the gym. You said you work out really early. Any tips/suggestions on the matter? Thanks!

I wasn’t a morning person either.

It’s all about getting in bed earlier and get the right breakfast before your workout (add coffee is needed)

At the beginning it will be hard, but then you will get used to it. Then you will understand that’s way better than working out in the evening.

Why? :

  • The gym is not packed
  • You will never miss a workout; because you work late, got homework or because it’s your mum birthday
  • You don’t have to think about gym all day
  • You’ll get good sleeping habits
  • It’s badass

Before, I used to workout in the evening, but the gym was always packed. I had to share a machine with 3 other people.

Then I started to go in the morning around 6-7am. I thought I would lift alone, but I saw a complete other world. I saw men in suits going at this period of the day too.

This is why I would never understand people saying “I don’t have time for gym”. Please.. I see CEOs, salesman, workers going to the gym in the morning because their schedule is too busy to go during the day/evening. 

Just workout in the morning, you will never regret it.

More motivation:

5 Stretches to Regain Hip Mobility and Flexibility

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I'm 16 and im going to start lifting and eating right on may 1st, but in july i have a family reunion to go to, i know it's not good to stop lifting for longer than a week, how do i stay active(?) While im there!? your website is my bible btw

Why don’t you start now? Nothing will change on may 1st

While you go there, you can do some home workouts, and if the wether is nice do them outside. The world is our gym, take advantage of it.

Home workouts routines:

Workout with @jsmith4389 ! Didn’t plan for it (seems to be a theme lately) but we got it in. Warm up: jogging, sprints and side shuffle around the track. Workout: 12x3 of the following side ball slams, lat pull down, step ups, fast steps, sit-ups with ball, chest flys, and oblique twist with tramp (pictured). Then ended the workout with 3 rounds of 30 sec plank, 1 min wall sit and smoothies! Missed working out with this guy! #fitness #weightloss #fitblr #myworkout #workouts #myworkouts #healthy #smoothie #workout #fit #health #friends

Runners with knee pain may have an awesome reason to celebrate—building stronger muscles could minimize your discomfort or even make the pain disappear!

Sports medicine specialist Dr. Jordan Metzl wrote in his book Running Strong that he was diagnosed with arthritis in his knee, but was able to manage his pain through strength-building routines like plyometrics and functional movements.

Dr. Metzl writes that “Strong muscles support vulnerable joints” by taking on more of your body’s workload as you move. Dr. Metzl not only has a personal record of more than 40 completed endurance races to back up this idea, but he also has a broad range of athletes—including an 81-year old injured marathon runner—who stand by his advice.

Join us on April 23, when Dr. Metzl will be here sharing running advice along with legendary marathon runner Meb Keflezighi, as well as author and running enthusiast Malcom Gladwell.

Workout Master Post

This is the Real Anime Training Workout Master Post

Not all of the 250+ workouts are currently on here, but it will link you to some of the larger series and topics. 

1. Below are the links to the Master Posts of all the workouts for the listed anime:

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1. Below are the links to the Master Posts of all the workouts for the listed attribute:

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Workouts will be added to these as they are created/I have time to add them.

One more day!!! We can do this people! What exercises are you up to? I’m loving my kettle bell and yoga poses!!! Share your faves! #getup #gethealthy #getskinny #getfit #fitfam #gethappy #tgif #getyoursexyback #bringingsexyback #letsdothis #getworking #fitfam #strong #build #happy #makingmoves #betterme #betterlife #gettingfit #itworks #workouts