You're Older Than the Internet?

I stand by the fact that nothing will make you feel ancient at the age of 30 like working with the under twelve population. These kids simply can’t fathom how old I am and what being a kid was like way back in the *gasp* nineties. These conversations often take the form of the following homework interaction.

10 year old: Miss Ellie I Googled it but nothing came up. I’m just going to tell my teacher I couldn’t find anything.

Me: Let me help you search and if we can’t find it online we’ll just have to use the encycolopedia.

10YO: [blank stare]

Me: You know, when I was your age I couldn’t use Google to do my homework.

10YO: Did your parents take your internet away?

Me: No, we didn’t have internet.

10YO: So like where did you go if you needed to use Google?

Me: Nowhere. There was no Google. It didn’t exist yet.


Please take note.

A cashier does not make company policy. We just follow it.
Please dont take your anger at the rules, out on me.
Please dont touch me. I may work with the public, but I dont belong to the public.
Dont take your bad day out on me.
Wanna compare our policy to another store and say how much better they are after using a coupon and getting more coupons from the purchase? Guess what, Id rather you went to that store instead of complaining to me. Once Again, I dont make policy. I have to follow it.

No just no

So yesterday at work a customer comes up to me and says “I am a vegetarian, What do you have here that I can eat?”

So I list off the vegetarian options which are really only three sandwiches, then he asks Do you have Tuna?

Yes we have Tuna was my answer.

How is the Tuna?

So I said that I wasn’t sure because I don’t eat the tuna but I said well the chicken salad is made in the same way and I like that If that helps you decide

He says Well I don’t eat meat…

All I could say was that I understood but I was just trying to be helpful because I don’t eat the tuna they are made the same way except one is tuna and the other is chicken.

Ok he says give me a tuna…


Ugh. Tuna is meat. It has a face. You are not a vegetarian if you eat it. You can not tell me you don’t eat meat BECAUSE YOU DO!


Why is are people so stupid?!