Puppycat’s Story: There was a Space Outlaw…who fell in love with the Space King’s daughter…
I would have uploaded the complete story, however, I don’t want to spam you guys. :P
also, I am deeply attracted to the silhouette of the Space Outlaw…is there something wrong with me?!

1010meha did such an awesome job on this submission! Thanks so much for the fan art, the hard work is greatly appreciated! 

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Love, every step of the way. This is the beginning of a series I am uploading to my Etsy account.

1 of a kind pieces.

Each one will have a different hairstyle and body type. All generous in figure, as well as beauty.

This is a massive step in the direction of taking this from hobby to occupation. Being an artist has been a dream of mine since I was a nine, maybe younger. The hunger to pursue this full-time rises each day. And today, I present this as a way to pave the road ahead.

I pray I earn the support needed to do this as a career. I am thankful for everything that lead up to this moment. It is more than I have ever asked for. Absolutely blessed.

With love.

anonymous asked:

What do you think of Caramelldansen?

mixed feelings bc back in dA times i made an emoticon of it and ppl went NUTS over it and only cared about that instead of the art i worked hard on

i think i even deleted it and it’s still around the internet here


Team Signless from the Musicians AU pseudocon and I have been scheming in our spare time.

Top to bottom is retired Lounge Singer Dolorosa, self-promoted internet Dubstep/Electro artist Psiioniic, Indie performer Signless (similar work to Bo Burnahm), and J-pop star Disciple.

Trying out a new coloring style with these! The process still needs tweaking and I wasn’t spending too much time on each one so I would go back and neaten them up before putting them in a portfolio, but it seems to make shading faces and hair a lot easier. c:



So a particularly sassy barista called Antönias serves the characters of The Mortal Instruments in present day Alicante’s sole mundane business. 

Things get interesting.

(Loosely inspired by this glorious post.)

if you remember

edit:i fixed a few mistakes you guys were beating me up for, but keep in mind that i don’t have psd file anymore with all layers in order to fix , so  the quality isn’t the best.


MEMORY_GLITCH - A #Winter Cyborgs AU mini-comic

HYDRA hears rumors of a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base and sends WS-01 and WS-02 on a quick scouting mission. WS-02 takes an unexpected trip down memory lane.

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