I finally figured out how to describe my experience with being a polytheist. Remember when you were a kid, and wanted to sleep with one of your stuffed animals? But then you didn’t want to make your other toys jealous, so, in a wave of naïve guilt, you steadily started adding more and more and more of them, until there was barely enough room for you. Then sometimes none of them had enough attention, so you felt even more guilty?

Yeah, that.

i had a sex dream about a very much platonic friend and now i’m weirded out. wtf brain?!

a-work-of-dreams asked:

Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable)

Oooooh I am terrible at this, because I’m not used to being specific about Feeling Good About Myself… OKAY.

1) My hair is super cute- this is Important because I used to have long, flowing tresses and nobody wanted me to cut it but then I finally DID and it has never stopped being a great decision.

2) I am one of the most nurturing people I know, and it’s a little entertaining. I have been known to aggressively mother grown men that are twice my size, and also once tricked a drunk acquaintance into trading my water for their drink, & made them drink all of the water before I handed their drink back.

3) My brother and I are pretty great at harmonizing together- I have an OK voice (his is much better), but when we sing together it makes me really happy <3

4) If you are craving cookie dough or tiramisu, I am the Person You Seek. My tiramisu is so good that my father (mostly) stops talking when he eats it, and that is REALLY SAYING SOMETHING, and my cookie dough is consistently Way Better than the kind you buy in the store.

5) Please take this in the most non-sexual way possible, but I am pretty good with my hands. I’m a very kinesthetic learner, so I pick up the more physical things pretty easily: knitting, crocheting, massages, etc. This is only limited by my fear of injuring myself with sharp objects, so I tend to stay away from power-tools and knives & the like, but I think I can say with some measure of confidence that I’d be good if I tried. Oh, also things that require fine-motor dexterity- my hands are kind actually bear paws, so embroidery is a little difficult, but I AM TRYING!!