“I don’t have any big dreams. Back in Croatia, my mother worked in a bread factory and my father was unemployed. So I started working in restaurants as soon as I left high school. I don’t know… maybe one day I’ll open a hostel by the sea.”

i’m lucky in that whenever someone royally pisses me off i don’t just get mad

i’m immediately 800% more motivated to be as successful as possible so i can absolutely crush them into the ground later in life

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very sleepy Taiwanese/White bb who likes she/her/they pronouns. I’m incredibly stressed rn, I’m sick, tired, and have upcoming finals, but also very proud and ready to take a step in reclaiming and understanding my identity more. This summer I’ll be working at an internship around AAPI representation in politics, and possibly working around domestic/sexual abuse in AAPI communities, which is like a traumatic work dream. I’m scared, and stressed, but really grateful to the communities who shaped me. I’ve tried not to be too out in AAPI communities, as I’ve spent so much of my life being told I didn’t belong there, so I hope this will be a summer where I can both my find my place, and make it. I dunno, 4 months ago I was drowning under trauma and unsure if i could survive this year, let alone pursue my goals. Sometimes I wake up bewildered that now I’m doing what I want, working on issues that matter, and creating healthy and safe relationships and environments. Just wanna tell the angry azn girls who’ve been fucked w and feeling down, you need to be here, you’re important here, and you deserve all the good things that come to you.  

it seriously pisses me off how people are being rude to Caitlyn Jenner and other transgender people as myself. Yes, I am transgender and I AM SO FUCKING PROUD OF MYSELF. I just spent $6,750 of my HARD WORKING MONEY, to have the chest I have always wanted. Transgender people work so hard and dream so big to afford things or get things in order to be themselves. If people only KNEW the struggle and had to live the life we live for a whole day, you’d literally would be exhausted. I give Caitlyn so much props. She looked STUNNING in her photos and I am SUPER impressed by how amazing and beautiful she is. I bet half of these fucking transphobic assholes don’t even have the GUTS to be themselves. on that note, here is a picture of my chest and me BEING MYSELF LIKE CAITLYN IS


“Ok, just, promise me you won’t freak out.”

You roll your eyes at your best friend, Hiccup. “Why would I freak out?”

He doesn’t answer. Just turns and walks between two huge rocks. You follow him through and are met with the sight of the most beautiful cove you’ve ever seen.

With awe, you follow Hiccup down the maze of rocks to the soft grass at the bottom. You’re so distracted by the scenery, you get confused when you feel soft crunching under your feet instead of grass.

You look down to see a perfect, black circle burned into the ground. “Hey, Hiccup-” you begin to ask him what happened, when a screech cuts you off mid-sentence.

Suddenly, you’re knocked to the ground, and you open your (e/c) eyes to see green ones staring right back at you. You scream.

It’s a dragon.

“No, Toothless!” you hear Hiccup yell. And then the dragon’s off of you, with Hiccup pushing it away from you. “She’s a friend!”

You stand up slowly, getting more scared as the dragon’s eyes seem to follow you. Hiccup turns around.

“(y/n), this is Toothless.” he introduces. “Toothless, (y/n).”