How To Conquer Your E-Mail Inbox

Many workers describe e-mail as the bane of their existence. The constant barrage of digital communication interferes with productivity. Here’s a method that will change your life by managing your e-mail inbox:

1) Delete everything you won’t need again.

2) File or archive e-mails you might need later.

3) Make sure you’ve only left e-mails that require a response.

4) Complete any to-dos that you can handle in two minutes or less. Then delete them.

5) Move action items onto a to-do list.

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Chloe Perrin Shares Highlights From the Venice Biennale

Perrin Paris’s creative director Chloe Perrin is no stranger to Venice. “I lived in Venice for a bit of time when I was a student working at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum,” she says. “I’m lucky I found a room to rent from an old Italian architect who guided me through town to his favorite local spots, away from the countless tourists. I have been going back for the Biennale - this is my second - ever since, and walys make time to go back to my favorite places.”

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