Jeffrey Vallance describing Blinky the Friendly Hen on David Letterman in 1983

Bear Poem

by Christopher Golden

You saucy bear. You know me.

With all your bear like thoughts.

You probably think of me when I’m naked. I like it.

You’re a bear.

You’re always naked. Or clothed? Do you feel naked – because you look naked.

Would you like some of my clothes?

And a nice dinner?! – oh, I’d really like that, to make you a nice dinner.

Filet mignon, oven baked asparagus, mashed sweet potatoes with ginger.

That would be nice.


Just the two of us, alone, together.


a bear,


a man

(guy?). – you’re not a vegetarian are you?

We could drink wine, good wine. I’d splurge for you,

a bear.

We could sit by the fire, get a little drunk, share stories of our childhoods.


a naked boy,

running around,



a naked bear cub,

running around,


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Cody Edison
March, 2011. 
Charlie Sheen  
Is flying over Libya.

Who would have thought 
An EC-130  
Air force psy-ops 
Death machine 
Dubbed Sheen 
Would be dropping 
Deployed in 
Benghazi or Tripoli 

Have you tasted oil berries?  
They are delicious  
But stain 
Teeth, tongues 
Fingernails and the 
Whites of eyes  

Is winning 
Bombs which 
Kiss their muscles  
Sinking into desert arsenals 
Near seeds of oil.  

Let’s dine

And smile with 
Blackened teeth

Tongues and eyes 

As we twist

Our finger nails

Into our ears 


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Progress on Plumeria #2, Plumeria #1

 photo and gardening by Adrian Tenney

"The Plumeria is a flower used a lot in Balinese decorations/offerings. The traditional Legong headress uses them, and there was a giant Plumeria tree outside my hotel balcony in Ubud. Ever since then I’ve wanted to grow one. It’s a succulent too! So when (my friend) Jade brought me this cutting from her grandparents’ tree I was able to replant it. I have a feeling they are sensitive plants because most of the ones I see around are not exactly thriving, so I’m pretty excited that this one is happy right now.”- Adrian


Video copyright Antone Könst.