Uh oh. The Barden Bellas have been suspended. What will they do?

I know what they do because I directed this movie but you’ll have to see it in May. Sorry not sorry. 


I can finally show some work stuff from start to finish. 

On this project I did Rough concepts, play piece scale layouts and turn-arounds, and style guides for the sculptors / air-brushers. All of the shiny final stuff is done by our production team. 

Art Direction and carpet design by Kevin Cravens. Play piece layouts also by Bryce Corbett. Sculpts directed by Justin Corbett. Airbrush directed by Joel Cothran. Photos by Corey Miller.

So, I just showed one of my coworkers (gay, male, late twenties) this picture. His first comment? “Ooh, they’ve got that ‘we’ve been together so long that we look the same’ vibe going on.” Second comment (after I told him people don’t think they’re together)? “Look at that body language! Girl, even if they’re aren’t sleeping with each other, they’re sleeping with men, and they’re planning on sleeping with each other next.” Just saying. Everyone can see it. (Plus, this made him want to check out their music, sooo…Just saying, 1DHQ.)

today at work I was taking a delivery out the back of the store and I started whistling ‘Do You Hear The People Sing’ from Les Mis and then the guy that was helping me joined in (as he often does) but then the delivery driver joined in too and the people from the store next door who also happened to be taking a delivery joined in as well and it was just the five of us hauling boxes and whistling together and my manager came out and was like ‘ALICE STOP INCITING REVOLUTION IN MY STOCKROOM’


New Magic Mike XXL trailer. Happy Hump Day.

I am so proud of myself today. I had my first booktalk EVER for 8 year-olds and it went well. I also read a picturebook for 130 kids, and they all laughed and clapped after. So for a girl who gets supernervous and sick talking infront of people I feel I am allowed to feel a little bit proud today.


I did something I needed to do but was very afraid of, and it took me 10 days to do it but I did it and it was okay and now I am shaking.