I think there should be a summer break selfie thing tbh. One week for race/ethnicity, one for gender/not gender, and one for sexuality (I’m sorry I don’t know what the proper terms would be) And every day in the week is for a different thing. It’d prolly have to be every other week so the category events aren’t too close to each other and it makes a huge mess.

There could be individual tags like #blackout, but it’d be nice to have a tag for everyone since its like a huge summer selfie festival in a way!

Maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but that’d be really cool! Maybe even have fun events like 80s theme or colors or superhero/cosplay. That way, it’s a huge celebration of everyone, and there’d be absolutely no fighting!! >:U Only cute people sharing selfies!!

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you've been gone for a while it felt like and now all of a suddEN MORE PAIN AND SORROW THAN EVER BEF O R E

It’s all the pent up pain and sorrow I didn’t get to show you guys for months. Can’t have you guys believing I’ll actually start drawing only happy crap hueheuheue


Five things you know & one thing you don’t [insp]


The Secret Laboratory might give off spy vibes but Yosuke I recommend watching out for armour boots


The Hospital | Part 11

Dedicated to moekumo, who is in cahoots with me with this AU.

Belated Happy Birthday Kumo! I’m sorry I’m late T^T this is part 1/2 of your gift and part two is prooobably gonna take a little while.


boy do i feel bad for anybody who’s a victim of darker timeline gta raywood torture/interrogation sessions, like you know those shitheads have it worked down to a science

i mean obviously there’s ryan and he’s probably masked up and looming and seriously intending to put the fear of god in them with knives and fists and carefully-worded threats to cut right to the center of them

but ray

ray’s fucking terrifying because he’s not trying to be. casually dangerous. like let’s be honest ryan has a little bit of a flair for the dramatic and it totally works, it’s scary, but then there’s this kid sitting on a worktable twirling a ds stylus, and he looks bored and he looks ostensibly harmless and he’s so casual about it, like this is just an average tuesday and it’s so unsettling it makes them shiver

he’s not gonna come at them with a knife or put a gun to their head, because he doesn’t have to.

and you know he and ryan work together flawlessly, play off each other perfectly; ray’s lying on his back on the worktable amidst guns and knives and all sorts of tools with his ds held up, fingers working the buttons with a concentration he doesn’t even come close to affording the person tied to a chair ten feet from him

“i dunno, cut his thumbs off,” he offers, nonchalant, and ryan doesn’t even hesitate, like there’s just this total call-response between them and they’re so juxtaposed, this stark contrast of their personalities and the way they approach situations, but one will fuck you up just as thoroughly as the other

i just want you to imagine ryan questioning some random person in a warehouse in the middle of the night, and they’re refusing to cooperate, and eventually ryan snaps at them to start talking (or, presumably, die)

and then there’s laughter, and there’s ray, sitting on the table with his legs swinging. “oh, man,” he murmurs, grinning. “trust me, you’re gonna want to do what he says.”

The bunker’s library was silent, as could be expected at three in the morning. The silence used to be deafening to Dean whenever he wasted his hours there on a sleepless night, but this time, it was almost comforting. Trying to make as little noise as possible, he closed the door behind him, quietly sneaking in.

Sitting in one of the comfortable chairs in the corner was Castiel, brow furrowed in concentration as he flipped through the pages of an old dusty book. Dean’s heart soared at the sight; Castiel being there. Castiel making himself at home. Castiel who had ditched his many coats, leaving nothing but the white dress shirt, his tie loose. Cas had been at the bunker plenty of times, but it had always been temporary, and with a purpose. Business.

This time, there was no purpose. No reason other than Dean wanting him to stay. Wanting him close, because he needed Cas’ presence, and had at last gathered the courage to tell the angel exactly what it was he needed. It had been a week of many firsts… First brutally honest talk, first love confession, first kiss.

“This is hardly a time for a human to be awake, Dean.” Cas spoke without looking up from his book, but he sounded more amused than condescending.

Dean froze in the middle of the room. Of-freaking-course. No point in sneaking around when the one you were trying to sneak up on was a supernatural being with heightened senses.

“You’re up too, look who’s talking.” Dean sputtered a defense.

Cas glanced up now, lifting an eyebrow at Dean, vivid blue eyes narrowing. “But unlike you, I’m not human.”

Dean considered coming up with a cocky remark, one that could possibly start an argument. But he didn’t; it would only be a waste of precious time. Time that he’d rather spend doing other things.

There was no hesitation as Dean crossed the room, then pushed the book aside so that he could make himself comfortable in Cas’ lap, nuzzling Cas’ shoulder.

Cas was warm, and comfortable, and he smelled exceptionally nice. Sleep came to Dean the second he tucked his head under Cas’ chin and wrapped his arms around the angel’s waist, Cas’ arms enveloping him in return. Dean’s eyes were already drooping when he heard Castiel chuckle softly.

This is where you’re choosing to sleep?” Cas questioned incredulously, murmuring the words into Dean’s hair, warm breath soothingly caressing Dean’s scalp.  

Dean forced out a sleepy smile, not sure if Castiel would be able to see it at all from this angle, but making an effort nonetheless.

“Hmm, yeah…” He slurred. “Changed my mind… You were right, Cas… ‘S no time for a human to be awake.”

The last thing Dean remembered before slipping into a world of pleasant dreams, was the soft brush of Cas’ lips against the top of his head. Dean blessed his lucky stars for having an angel boyfriend to watch over him.