Clone Club Appreciation!

I’m late (AS ALWAYS), but I really, really wanted to show some Clone Club lovin, so let’s do this!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’ve never been in a fandom like Clone Club before. From the moment I started expressing an interest in the fandom, I was welcomed in without hesitation. I’ve been in fandoms before. None of them have ever been so easy to adapt to, nor have I ever made friends so quickly. Clone Club is incredibly unique and it’s all because of the people who are constantly making me laugh and smile - especially when I need it the most - and who make my life all the better just by being themselves. Clone Club, you’re super rad, and I’m always going to be grateful to have met the people that I have already and will (hopefully!) continue to meet in the future.

Although delayed, here is my massive list of people that I’ve got lots of appreciation for, ranging from the people I talk to all the time to the people that I admire to the people I see on my dash and hope to get to know better someday. I’ve inevitably forgotten many people and, if I have (I’M SORRY D:), know that I genuinely feel that everything I’ve said above applies to you as well.

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Oooh. Ten days away from my Birthday…

Need to think of a list.

Do you ever get that? The older you get the less inclined you are towards making a birthday list and stuff?

My parents and family are asking, you see, and I have zero clue wahat to tell them.

It’s like I’d sooner have money and buy all the things I want when I think of them, but that isn’t the same as a present to make you feel all self-conscious and giddy over.

Lego works.

Lego has never failed me in these events.

I said something yesterday about a guy I like who looks like Tadashi Hamada.

Well, it got better.

He not only watches anime, but watched the entire first season of Code Geass (25 episodes) in 2 days after I said it was my favorite anime. He is also willing to cosplay my OTP from Code Geass with me. He plays Pokemon and wants to help me learn the inner workings of it (I fail at even Pokemon XD). He is completely understanding mental illnesses and doesn’t care if someone has it and that if they do, it won’t affect his image of them. He can cook and loves making sushi (my favorite food). He is a complete sweetheart and is absolutely amazing.

I cannot believe this guy actually likes me. O.o

Please fire me. I am a cleaner and today a woman pointed me out to her child and said ‘that’s why you have to do well in school - so you don’t end up like her’. I go to one of the top ten universities in the UK and I’m only cleaning to fund my studies.

Q: We are stuck in a movie phase where our heroes are accidental heroes, or heroes by destiny and not through any quality they possess.

del Toro: [Pacific Rim] is old fashioned.

Q: This is definitely old fashioned. Can you talk about that, the kind of heroism you wanted to have in this movie?

del Toro: I really wanted it to be a very complicated movie that played very simple. I wanted to make an adventure movie where the sentiments of the characters are there, but they’re not the main obstacle to overcome. I told Charlie Hunnam when he came on, ‘I know actors like complex characters, but Raleigh has very few moving parts.’ He’s really a guy who wants to do good, he’s just afraid to trust someone else and have them die on him because he’ll feel it, like he did when his brother went. You better put spoilers here! But I said, that’s him. When he finds somebody he trusts he’s ready to be good. He’s not Hamlet, wondering if he can do it. I said to Rinko, ‘The two characters need to trust each other.’ You literally see Rinko lose her heart when she’s a child - she has a red object - and then the blue memory stains her hair. She’s carrying it with her. Then when they come together they become one inside the robot.

It’s a simple, earnest heroism. It’s not jingoistic, it’s not ideological, it’s purely humanistic. It’s about the world saving the world. I really needed characters who have good cores. Even the asshole in the movie, the guy you’re meant to hate, he’s a good guy.

—  Badass Interview: Guillermo del Toro gets Spoilery on Pacific Rim (x)