On December 10th in NY I felt my phone vibrate with a message, only to check my phone to see a note from the LinkedIn app, "Congratulations on your one year work anniversary!"


Wa-freakin-hoo!How has it been one year already?

I still remember getting the phone call, which came with an offer like it was yesterday, and eagerly (re: nervously) waiting for my first day of work to begin.  In the past year I’ve had three different desks, two bosses, a title change (from Community Manager to Product Manager), a raise, met some of the best people I know who I’m lucky to say have become my good friends, have gained work experience I’m thankful for each day, and found the type of job which I love more and more every day.

Projects has always been my jam. As well as presentations. And this job is exactly that. Projects and presentations and research, which I love-love-love.  When I quit my job at The Bank in 2011 to go traveling, a huge reason I decided to leave was I remember sitting at my desk and thinking “jeesh, 5 years from today, will be exactly like today,” and I hated that so much. And this job is anything but that. 

It was a lonnnnnnng 7 months of being unemployed, but I still count my lucky stars each day, that the CEO took a chance on me, and how lucky I am to have found this career path. 

ANYWHO. December 10th was my one year anniversary, and then December 11th was my company’s work party.  The party was awesome, and delicious (in food and in wine), and it kept on going until 3am. Shots and beer and wine were had, and a dance party occurred somewhere around 2am.

I wore my new dress, red lipstick, and high heels, and trudged home through the snowy streets at 3am. Also, this: 


For reals, respect. 

It was a fun night celebrating all the major milestones the company hit this year, and I can’t wait to raise a glass to many more! 

Please fire me.  This was the employee Christmas party: employees were asked to make cookies so all the managers could taste them for a cookie judging contest.  Hardly a party when we were asked to drop them off at the managers’ office before starting work.

Humpday Happy! ( that is a tumblr thing, right?)


Did a little negotiating, accepted, and am now Director of Membership at our Downtown YMCA! After 3 years of being all over the place in the workforce and taking the last 5 months off this is going to be a great fresh start!

A huge thank you to dclivin for being a fabulous reference for me!

"How you treat waiters is a good indicator of whether you’re a nice person". True. But it is also important to treat all service personell with compassion and respect. Being kind to waiters is easy, they bring you food. How do you treat telemarketers? Do you really think those people enjoy calling you?