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Each house being fired from their dream job?




Why? What happened? I don’t understand. 


People should stir clear of us until the most volatile emotions have passed, though chances are we will hold ourselves up somewhere private as we don’t like others seeing us in such an emotional and weak state.


work took me to the windy city this week. i felt that whoever scheduled a meeting in chicago in january had had a treacherous lapse in judgement, but the highs were in the 20s each day, which everyone excitedly said felt “so warm!”. i would politely acknowledge the good fortune, confident that my frozen face couldn’t betray the my internal thoughts: ok, crazy.

but! there were some wonderful parts of this trip. i came in a day early to spend some time with kelly. we enjoyed an afternoon + evening of meals, cooking, walking the dogs, wine, and chatting about the small stuff, the hard stuff, and everything in between. getting to see her twice in the span of six weeks was a great stroke of luck.

the next day i did a little sightseeing on my own until it was time to go to my meeting. i saw the bean, all shiny + icy.

i spent a few hours in the art institute. wandering art museums on my own is one of my favorite things to do. 

the next day and a half were for work, before heading back south last night. to temperatures that, disappointingly, are not the large improvement on chicago’s that i’d hoped for.

hope this week has been kind to everyone.

11:50 pm : I have a French literature mock test tomorrow, I’m not ready at all. I didn’t have the time to learn this week, because I was sick and I had to catch up in other subjects + meetings + projects. So I kind of neglected it… I think I will work for 30 mins and then head off to bed, wake up at 4:30 am and continue with studying. I still have to write a paper in philosophy for tomorrow and nobody in my class started yet, I don’t know how will manage to write a paper in philosophy one hour before ^^ Wish me luck!