the worker, whose only source of income is the sale of his labour-power, cannot leave the whole class of buyers, i.e., the capitalist class, unless he gives up his own existence. He does not belong to this or that capitalist, but to the capitalist class;
—  Marx - Wage Labour and Capital 1847

Every once in a while I hit that sweet spot of feeling leaner and stronger at the exact same time. Today was one of those days and I am super grateful for it. 

I had a few discussions with coworkers today about healthy eating/habits. This little, tiny health initiative we started hasn’t rocked anyone’s world or anything, but the classes we do together and conversations that have started are 100% gratifying to me. Its just a lovely feeling when two things you care too much about (work and fitness) start to mesh together. 

Technically, our weight loss competition and work out classes come to an end when we leave for spring break (on Friday), but I’m fairly certain we’ll have a small group of individuals who will want us to continue (!!!!!!!). 


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