We have cried in our despair
That men desert 
For some trivial affair 
Or noisy, insolent sport,
Beauty that we have won
From bitterest hours;
Yet we, had we walked within
Those topless towers
Where Helen walked with her boy,
Had given but as the rest 
Of the men and women of Troy
A word and a jest.
—  W.B. Yeats, “When Helen Lived” 

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No, no. You put it into words wonderfully.

Thank you ;w;

I didn’t mean it as, “She’s hurting so she hurts others, and I’m hurting so I let people hurt me, so we can date and she can beat me up”

But more as, “We’re both hurting and we could work together and help each other feel more comfortable about ourselves because we both know how it feels”

If that makes sense? Hehe I might accidentally be projecting my own relationship on to them xD Oops.

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annoying things about geminis?(please don't let Char answer this I love her but she scares me)

boo!!! >:-)) no one’s online and i’m doing hw while watching bob’s burgers so ur stuck w me, the one and only she-hulk
ok since i’m the monster hiding under small childrens’ beds, i’ll try not to be biased here and input opinions i’ve seen around and downsides astrology confirms about being a gem!! (meaning i’m doing actual research to see what’s annoying about gems so i don’t cause any tears w my words tht are sharp as knives heuheu) aight aight here we go :’)

  • tend to act like a compulsive know-it-all
  • sometimes speak before they think
  • super oblivious :-(
  • very superficial
  • big on over-exaggeration
  • like to think they’re bigger and better than everyone
  • usually don’t take time to think about the result of their actions

none of these are my opinion, so it’s like i didn’t even answer it!! :-)


hey so???? i’m going to try not to….curse anymore………i’ll probably still reblog posts w/curse words in it and i’m still alright hearing curse words but personally i just don’t want to use them anymore so……..if u hear me say/read any of my posts w/curse words in them feel free to b like “hey watch ur language” or something

  • mom:how was your day?
  • me:how does adam parrish work three jobs? it doesn't add up. he has to sleep, even if only for a couple hours a night, and he needs to attend school in order to maintain his scholarship. if this is the case, how does he find enough time in the day to hang out with his friends, do well in school, sleep and take care of his basic necessities, and work three jobs? we don't know what his third job is, but it's unlikely that it would involve a shift of less than AT LEAST two hours. there is simply not enough time in the day. can adam parrish time travel? is it poor writing? how does he do it?