I don’t want to tell you how I feel with with words, because when it comes to you, my words jumble and mush in my head, my poems for you don’t come out right, they feel like the puzzle piece that doesn’t fit, everything I feel contradicts itself, there is no elegant sonnet, no poem, nothing I can write that can describe what I’m feeling.
People think that power is the solution. That if you stay strong and fight your issues head on that they will go away. Again and again we try and end up paralyzed in failure. No one has realised that you don’t get rid of your insecurities, you accept them, turning the bad into the good. You have to live life knowing what disturbs your thinking and creeps into every moment and accept it as a reminder. A reminder that faults are in us all, a reminder to set goals, and a reminder that you can’t have everything.