30 of Vincent van Gogh’s Best Quotes

In honor of Vincent van Gogh’s birthday, we have compiled a list of the tortured artist’s most emotionally charged and inspirational quotes. Having sold only one painting during his lifetime, Van Gogh rose to fame after his death. He suffered from a chronic neurological condition which often provoked recurrent seizures. Although he endured deep bouts of depression, his artistry never faltered. While in an asylum in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, France, he composed his most famous work, “Starry Night.”

His art often chronicled his mood. Deeply emotional and moody, Van Gogh’s signature brushstroke technique was a reflection of the inner turbulence he contained. After an attempted failed suicide, Van Gogh passed away 2 days later at the age of 37. His brother Theo claimed that Vincent’s last words were “La tristesse durera toujours” (the sadness will last forever.) As one of his closets friends, Theo and artist, Paul Gauguin were his source of strength. Most of the quotes below are excerpts from heart-felting and tender words Vincent wrote to his most beloved confidants. 

“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”
Vincent van Gogh | REBLOG

“My only anxiety is, how can I be of use in the world?” 
Vincent van Gogh | REBLOG

“I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say, he feels deeply, he feels tenderly.”
—  Vincent van Gogh | REBLOG

“I am unable to describe exactly what is the matter with me; now and then there are horrible fits of anxiety, apparently without cause, or otherwise a feeling of emptiness and fatigue in the head.”
Vincent van Gogh | REBLOG

“Though I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony and music inside me.”
Vincent van Gogh | REBLOG

“I take great care of myself by carefully shutting myself away.”
Vincent van Gogh | REBLOG

“But what I wanted to say is this: After the period of melancholy is over you will be stronger than before, you will recover your health, & you will find the scenery round you so beautiful that you will want nothing but paint.”
Vincent van Gogh | REBLOG

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That’s my problem- I hold on to memories instead of people. I love a person that doesn’t even exist anymore, and it’s tearing me apart from the inside out.
—  excerpt from a book i’ll never write #65 // I can’t hold you anymore so I guess the memories will have to do 
1. I spoke to you with words just dripping with feeling. You hung them up to dry.
2. My phone would light up whenever you texted me, and so would my face, and my entire life.
3. I was too blinded by my love for you to even realize that you weren’t treating me right.
4. I watered my flowers too much and they died. Maybe that’s why you left, maybe I was watering you with too much love.
5. I should have known that your heart was somewhere else, because you looked at other people the way you should have been looking at me.
6. I think I was only with you because it was easier to love you than to love myself.
7. You left, and I don’t know what you took with you but I know something is missing, something of me is missing.
8. You’re probably going to find some pieces of me in a drawer sometime in the future, please don’t bring them back. I will not need them anymore because I will not be the same person anymore, I will just be someone that once loved you.
—  For the one I loved a little too much (m.o.w)

I hope Taylor knows we love her just as much as she loves us, and how much we really do appreciate her sticking with us all these years. Not every artist takes the time to get to know their fans, and Taylor has obviously gone above and beyond for us. I know she’s always going on about how amazing we are, but I think that a lot of who we are is because of her, and the way she has influenced us over the years. So Taylor, thank you

How do you know he’s not worth it? You know because when he takes, your beautiful heart, out of your beautiful chest, and shatters it, he says nothing. And when the tear drops shimmer as they fall down your cheeks, he looks you in the eyes and you can see no remorse in their devastating color. His heart does no lurch or break in his chest. He’s simply not worth it. And you should take your beautiful heart back, and put it back together again; I know people say that once a broken heart puts itself together it’s never the same again, and they’re right, it’s not. It comes back stronger.