I keep checking my phone to see if I got a text message from you, only to remember that we don’t talk anymore. I can’t forget how your soft kisses felt, and now I find myself wondering if they ever meant anything to you. You’ve left so many parts of yourself with me, I can’t tell them apart from the parts of myself. I can’t help but miss you, you were my home. I can’t be away from you for too long before I begin to feel homesick. You told me that you couldn’t give me everything, and I didn’t understand why you thought I wanted everything from you. I never wanted anything but you, all of you, and you couldn’t even give me that.
—  m.o.w, i only wanted all of you
Be with somebody who makes your heart smile. Love them completely and with your entire heart, your brain, and every part of your body. Share the blankets with them and be the big spoon sometimes, even though you love being wrapped up in their sloth-like arms. Take care of them when they are sick and lift them up when they are down because you can fix it. They will never tell you that you can, but you can. Fix it because you love them. Even when everything seems okay, be their person and love them and make sure that they feel it and that they know your love for them is so great that it cannot be shaken or sequestered or dimmed or taken away. Love them everyday because being alive isn’t easy and remind them that you are the luckiest human because they have chosen to be alive with you. Keep your promises even when it’s hard to do. Keep your promises because you won’t realize until later how important this is. Kiss them fervently and don’t be embarrassed if their kisses make you gasp. Kiss them the same way at breakfast as you did the first time you kissed them. Be vulnerable even when it’s hard. Even when they can’t. Even when you’re scared. Be vulnerable so they can feel safe. Don’t say things without thinking about your words. This is the person you love; make sure that what you say to them is what you want them to know because they will remember everything and you can’t always take your words back just because you were impulsive or upset or you didn’t mean them. Please just love them. This is everything. Love them with your fingers, with your eyes. Love them with your kisses and even love them with your fears. Love them even when you don’t because you really do. Don’t make this mistake. Love them even when it’s hard because that’s when they need you the most. Hold their hands—both of them—and kiss them like you did the first time and tell them everything will be okay because, sometimes, just hearing this from your human means it will be. This is how you have forever.
—  mnemoonic