I am guilty, just like every human is of romanticising their pain by using pretty and cleverly worded metaphors to somehow make the heartache seem remarkable. The words wrap our wounds in silk ribbons; beautifully dressed, but its not gonna stop the bleeding.

Excerpts from Your Soul is a River

"You know nothing about real pain." he looked down at her scornfully.

She looked up into his eyes, hers gleaming with such fire that he had to take a step back. “What would I know about pain? I know that I have lost a thousand battles to nightly demons, experiences a hundred heartbreaks and faced constant disappointment. I have fallen more times than I care to remember and had to stand up each time without anyone to help me. I have lost so many people that I have learned that all of life is just the art of letting go. Like a phoenix, I have risen from the ashes. Pain has made me the person I am today. And you,” she smiled wryly, ‘You think I know nothing about pain.’

"it’s no fun being good" i said
right before he placed a little blue pill on the middle of my tongue;
10 minutes later, it was in his mouth.

"it’s no fun being good" i whisper
to a girl beside me in bed
with our noses pressed together.
we both had boyfriends.

"it’s no fun being good"
we say together
as we walk away from a crime scene.

"it’s no fun being good" i moan
when he kisses ‘this isn’t right’ on the side of my neck.
those kisses stain my skin, and when i show up to class the next day, all the girls giggle and ask who gave me them.
i answer with “Sir, i have a question.”

"it’s no fun being go-" i say
but he stops me with a kiss that tastes like heaven
instead of sin.

Not everyone says I love you in the same way
Some say I want you to be happy
Or I want you to be healthy
Or I want you to be safe
Please wear your seat belt
Zipper your jacket
Text me please
I miss you
Your smile makes me smile too
Your eyes are beautiful
You make me feel safe
Please dress warmly
Take care of yourself
They aren’t the same three words, but they mean so much and more
There’s so much love in the world so start loving back
—  1-31-15

Stop looking at me
the moon whispered.
Stop looking at me
the moon cried.

I see them pointing with
their tiny fingers,
at me.
Smiling, while gazing at me.
Kissing each other,
under my light.
They seem to be collided,
about to fight.

I see kids with their parents
Gasping at the white face of mine
Happy to live such moments
Happy that everything’s still fine.

I see lonely people,
Wandering, searching for the key
The world closed its doors on them
They’re looking for an exit, want to be free

Sickness is taking over them
They keep on looking at me
They know that I’m out there for them
But I could never let them be free.

Beyond this earth,
my face is digging into the dark
Above the skies,
I’m no longer shining with a spark

Don’t be fooled, humans
By what you see
There’s no such creature
As lonely as me.

—  Abby Sam