The Blogger experiment is over. I’m back at WordPress again. I’m not going to explain why, because anybody that knows me with stop listening (I move blog platforms every other month on average). Let’s just say Blogger was fun, and so is WordPress, and we can all get along together, and the sun (isn’t) shining, and it (isn’t) a hummy kind of day.

Who would ever guess I was reading Winnie the Pooh to the children at bedtime last night?

I’m burning up the remains of my lunchbreak writing this. I’m home again, after visiting the office for a couple of hours. With a little luck a nice parcel delivery guy will arrive at some point this afternoon, armed with a shiny new Amazon Kindle Fire HD to replace the one that died on it’s arse last weekend. I’m already thinking about making it “my tablet” after experiencing the mess Google has made of Lollipop on the 1st gen Nexus 7.

In other news, my mobile phone is still on the fritz. If I go anywhere near the podcast app it kills the data connection – I have to fiddle with arcane settings deep in the phone’s innards to get it to come back to life (a trick discovered completely by luck). I’m wondering if it’s a software bug – because since keeping away from the podcasts, it has behaved perfectly. I just keep thinking “January” in my head – because then I can replace it with something else. Don’t get me wrong – I actually like the phone – mainly because it lasts a couple of days on a charge – but the apps for Windows Phones are miles behind Android and iOS.

I might even consider going back to an iPhone in January.

Over the last month or so I have been downloading a television show from the internet for our children to watch called “The Flash”. I say “for our children”, but the arrival of each new episode has rapidly become a family event.

The interesting thing is all we knew about “The Flash” ahead of the TV show appearing was Sheldon Cooper’s shirts in Big Bang Theory. Neither myself or my other half read comics as children, so we really had no idea about this guy wearing a red suit. We came into this whole thing blind.

I think half the reason the show is doing so well – at least in our house – is because it’s the kind of TV show nobody makes any more. A show with a positive message, and stories with enough layers for both children and adults to enjoy. While watching it I have have been reminded of the TV shows we grew up watching – Buck Rogers, Wonderwoman, The Dukes of Hazard, Automan, Knight Rider, Airwolf, The A-Team…

It seems that the target audience of television shows has been focussed too far. Children are targetted with Spongebob Squarepants, My Little Pony, The Wizards of Waverley Place, Hannah Montana. The “Saturday evening adventure series” has vanished – replaced by quiz shows, and cash-in-the-attic idiocy.

Let’s hope “The Flash” is the beginning of a re-discovery of family television.

New blog!!!!

Hi everyone!

For years now I’ve been wanting to start a lifestyle blog. I originally set up JoshStarmerTwo with the intentions of it becoming a lifestyle blog, but it’s actually just a blog I use to reblog funny gifs and stuff - so that idea failed.

About six months ago, I set up an account on BlogSpot so I can start using it as a lifestyle blog. However, because I’m an idiot, I couldn’t figure how to customise it… until now!!! is finally live!!!!

(i’m aware that I need to get some new pics taken. It’s on my to-do list!)

There are no real blog posts on it right now, but there will be very soon!
It’s going to be my general lifestyle blog. I’ll be blogging about what’s going on in my life, my hobbies and interests. I’ll be posting reviews, product recommendations and lots of other cool stuff!

I set up this tumblr blog to share and document the creative process and experiences I have making music, and I’m still going to be using this blog to do that!
My new blog on blogspot will be a place were I can talk about things that aren’t specifically related to my own music, but there will be lots of music talk on there!

If my new blog sounds like something that might interest you, then please feel free to follow me!

I’ll update you again as soon as my first post goes up!

Thanks for reading,

Josh :-)

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Je voulais vous faire part d’une découverte, nous avons rencontré Fanny qui est la créatrice de « Instant Box » qui propose des Box cosmétique qui changent suivant les saisons de l’année afin de découvrir les derniers produits à la mode. Nous tenions à vous en faire part car son entreprise est basée sur Pérols et que son concept est dans la tendance actuelle. Fanny est exactement dans la même dynamique que nous : elle veut nous faire découvrir des nouveaux produits!

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