So dire le cose in silenzio...
So dire le cose in silenzio
e col silenzio so non dirle

nel silenzio non ho da dirle
Mi toglie il fiato dover dire
cose che non so dire
cose che non ho da dire
Non so che dire quando
gli altri hanno sempre da dire
Ho un vuoto dentro,
vasto tale e quale alla mia vita
e spesso quella d’altri
mi pare piena
a volte ben riempita


New MUR Micro Clay Mini Orgonite Pyramid Benefits

Experience the new handed sculpted MUR micro mini clay orgonite pyramid. This powerful palm of the hand sculpted pyramid is the first of its kind. Be one of the first to witness the power today. See the proof of our MUR Clay Orgonite Pyramids in the test video below

The MUR Clay Orgone/Orgonite Pyramid Experiment

In the above video, MUR pyramid creator Garth Harvey shows his experiment freezing his MUR Micro Mini Orgone Pyramid Test Proof. See the results. Simply  amazing!

This energy test was performed with the MUR micro orgonite pyramids to show each pyramids  unique energy field. The video above shows what the energy field around the pyramid which is in the shape of oval/egg shape energy field.

What is really interesting is the ice cracked the glass after 15 hours of freezing. Four hours later the ice was cracked by the energy force of the pyramid. Upon the ice cracking, the oval shape became more visible. What was remarkable about this second cracking was the fact that a smaller oval shape energy field was created.

What Are The Benefits Of MUR Micro Mini Orgone Pyramid?

The benefit of the MUR Micro Mini Orgonite Pyramid is not only the power they can emit. But the energy they can attract and transform.

Each pyramid created has an angular momentum of 60 degrees. The impactful pyramids and they are made out of clay. Clay is probably the most powerful medium to use when dealing with earth bound energies. This is due to the minute crystals of mica, quartz and carbonates to name a few.

The micro palm sized pyramids are excellent spiritual energy field enhancement, attracting money as well as things you may desire. These custom orgonite pyramids can also be used for chakra healing practices and much more.

To order the New MUR Micro Mini Clay Orgone Pyramid.


60 degree Pyramid with 2″ Base. Cross Symbol. Pyramid sculpted w/Clay and faux marble type finish. Free shipping & handling.


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