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oh my! when i saw louis' tweet shading the zaughty picture i just laughed and thought it was another stunt to make the fandom focus on NB and i thought we're gonna get an announcement about him soon, but then i saw zayn's tweet and... it's so hard to keep my cool haha! i'm sure it's another absurd social media stunt, but it still hurts to see zayn's and louis' names attached to those words... shit, who knows what they make of this narrative-wise! i'm already dreading the tabloids and articles...

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Um thoughts on what just happened on Twitter please 


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Have to know your thoughts on Zayn jumping into the fight? 


I feel pretty embarrassed for everyone involved. Imo, clearly this is a stunt. Not even a creative one–yet another twitter feud. 


But, this does accomplish a few things:

  • Keeps 1D and Zayn in the press. The OT5 are ok with each other narrative had run its course. So now the spin is tension and hard feelings. Gotta keep the stunt going until it’s time to wrap it up for good. 
  • Naughty Boy is about to get a lot of media coverage in America. I can call that right now. This is what Simon Cowell wants for sure since it looks like a Zayn/NB collabo is coming via NB’s new album.
  • The convenient timing of this just caused anticipation in 1D’s appearance on the Late Late Show to shoot up 100%. Good for James Corden, Ben Winston, 1D, Simon Cowell, Modest, etc. See how that works? All the usual suspects are still getting theirs. 

The only glitch is mitigating the potential damage to rebranding efforts because this is hella childish. It’s a turn-off to me so I can imagine potential older fans won’t appreciate it. But I think the new team can handle it. And away we go…

I’ve learned that no matter how difficult things seem, there is always hope. And I’ve learned that no matter how powerless we feel or how horrible things seem, we can’t give up. We have to keep going. Even when it’s scary, even when all of our strength seems gone, we have to keep picking ourselves back up and moving forward, because whatever we’re battling in the moment, it will pass, and we will make it through. We’ve made it this far. We can make it through whatever comes next.
—  Unknown
you are NOT your mistakes. you are NOT damaged goods or muddy from your failed explorations. you are NOT the opinion of someone who doesn’t know you. you ARE a product of the lessons that you’ve learned. you ARE wiser because you went through something terrible, and you ARE the person who survived a bunch of rainstorms and kept walking. I now believe that pain makes you stronger and I now believe that walking through a lot of rainstorms gets you…clean.
—  wise words from Taylor during the ‘Clean’ intro.
Don’t Let Them Tame You.

This is for the gentle goddesses with watery, empathic hearts, who ooze with oodles of compassion, eager to soothe another’s suffering.

This is for the luscious ladies with restless spirits who can’t stay in one place for long, because our souls are winged, always longing for adventure.

Yes, this is just for us:

The free-spirited females with fiercely sensitive hearts.

We are a balmy breeze, casually caressing arms lovingly, suddenly here, suddenly there, then suddenly gone.

We are a thousand grains of precious pink sand, slowly slipping through soft fingertips, one by one.

We can never be contained because we aren’t meant to be.

We are born to ride the wild winds of passion, surf the turbulent oceans of despair, and relentlessly explore the great vastness of this crazy world—until our bodies collapse in ecstatic exhaustion.

We understand deeply that life is a heartbreakingly beautiful series of goodbyes, hellos, triumphs and disappointments and we feel most alive in the midst of transformation, courageously shedding our old skin to be birthed again, raw and new.

We are are well-versed in letting go, able to boldly exhale and swiftly set fire to the past, painstakingly gathering the ashen wisdom to build a more abundant future.

We are phoenixes, falcons, eagles and butterflies.

We are light and airy, yet never lacking depth.

We are carefree and sparkly, but our effervescence actually emanates from caring so deeply, from feeling the world’s pain, happiness, love, sadness and struggle wildly pulsate within our chests, day in and day out.

We are spongy emotional barometers, picking up on another’s mood immediately, sensing anxiety, anger, grief, frustration and jealousy. Feeling it so damn intensely that we sometimes suffocate.

We crave alone time, solo adventures, secret places and quiet spaces because the world can seem so scary and overwhelming that we wonder if it could, in fact, swallow us entirely in one single gulp.

We love wholly, compassionately and completely—but never possessively.

We have to fly away sometimes, darting out in the velvety black of night because we know that by setting ourselves free, we can set others free too.

We deeply respect our femininity, listening closely to the whispering wisdom of our intuition, the mystical murmurs of our ancestors and the primal pulse of nature.

We feel most alive outside, wings fully spanned, feeling the firm ground beneath our feet, welcoming the fiercest winds to whirl through our wispy hair.

We are fierce warriors, forces to be reckoned with—precisely because we are so sensitive.

My gentle and free-spirited sisters, I hear your feathery roar.

Let us spread our wings and soar.

Let us fly long and fast and hard.

Let us fly unapologetically.

Into the incredible lives we are meant to live.

Let us vow now.

To never turn our backs on the wise contents.

Of our fabulously free-spirited.

And fantastically sensitive souls.

-Sarah Harvey

Four minutes until Doom Time.

Short liveblogging session now instead of a longer one in a few days. Because I want to hurry this along and get to the end of ACT 4! How much longer is this Act anyway… It seems like it won’t ever end…

YUP. It towers over the whole Land. It emanates a rather grave aura, kind of fitting since it’s the Final Boss’ residence. So GC, care to explain why John is here after he has just got through his First Gate out of Seven and armed with only his questionably useful pogo-hammer! I give you thirty seconds to present a valid justification after which I’m gonna start screaming “IT’S A TRAP” on and on and on and I will just ignore everything you say, forever. Choose your words wisely! READY…GO!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. Oh man, look at this outburst of little human words I’m saying! From my human mouth! Very fucking funny, GC. First things first Sburb does not really give you the chance to cheat your way through the game. Remember when John wanted Rose to just carry him to the gate while he took a well-deserved nap? That didn’t work out. The players are supposed to advance only thanks to their skills.

“YOU WONT BOTH3R W4K1NG 1T” she says. And what if the thing is already awake. It could wake up at any given moment! John could get there and come face to face with a very awake and ready to fight Denizen. It’s too dangerous of a gamble. There are lives at stake. Yup, plural, if something happens to John, Jade is automatically doomed as well. But GC, you’re out of lack, I don’t know if you mean harm or if you are really that optimistic in John succeeding, because the boy may be a bit of a pushover but he won’t let you play with his lif—

—EEEAAAAAH. JOHN!!!!!!! JOHN FUCKING EGBERT, ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID!!!!! THAT GULLIBLE OH MY GOD. He just agreed. Without even an ounce of doubt. John, you deserve whatever is coming for you!! I will stand by and watch as your Denizen kicks your ass and I won’t even care!! I will be as apathetic as Dave fucking Strider!!

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Hippo’s Creativity Challenge, Days Four and Five

Words written yesterday: 0
Words written today: 1048
Words to goal: 2192/10,000
Days writing 250+ words: 4/5

Yesterday was a bust writing-wise, as I got home feeling exhausted and wound up crashing early. Today more than made up for it, as I managed to write 600 words on a half-hour break at work, then added some more tonight.

I finished the draft of the first DA:I MP character drabble (Leliana and the Reaver have a chat), and make good progress on the Cortez on Despoina fic. I’m going to try to edit the former and finish drafting the latter tomorrow.

For now I’ll take a quick look at what’s new in DA:I and then turn in. Good night, all! (Good morning, Europeans!)