swedish-kpop-fanboy asked:

2PM (yeah, obvious choice, lol)

Send Me A Kpop Group & I Will Answer!


  1. How long have I been a fan: Since October 2013! 
  2. My first bias: Khun
  3. Your current bias and why: Wooyoungie, He Brings Me Laughter! :’)
  4. Favourite song: Hands Up/Electricity! 
  5. Favourite MV: Hands Up/Go Crazy! 
  6. OTP: WooMin! *Wooyoung x Jun K.*
  7. Member you think has the best smile: Junho!  *He’s VERY Attractive Generally!* 
  8. Favourite choreography: Heartbeat! 
  9. Favourite era: A.D.T.O.Y! 
  10. Do you own any merchandise: YES, A Lot! Ring, Light Stick, Cup, Folder, Towel, Keychain, A LOT OF Posters, Go Crazy Album, Post Cards, etc.! Generally Speaking, I Almost Have Everything You Can Think Of! 
  11. Have you seen them live: YES, During JYP Nation & Probably Seeing Them On Valentines During Their Go Crazy Tour In HONG KONG! :’) 
  12. Favourite voice/singer: The Banana King *Chansung* & Taec *His Rap OMG*! 
  13. Favourite dancer: Junho! *I Love His Choreography During ‘Go Crazy’! 

HAHA, I’m Always Up For 2PM! Thanks For The Ask!!! swedish-kpop-fanboy *P.S. I Love Your Slogan ‘Kpop Is My Life, Taeyeon Is My Wife’!* :’D 

pxrkjnyng asked:

[text-wooyoungie] I might be able to attend to one of your concerts in Japan kekekeke~

(text - jinyoungie) really? how are you going to do that with school and everything? are you able to buy a ticket???