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M!A: You choose: Flesh or Drunk

Flesh: Muse is horny and wants to have rough sex(ex.being thrown against a wall and bitten)(Anon chooses time)

[We’ll say…..48 hours]

"Wait…WHAT?! NO!"



"….Oh…." she whispered, covering her mouth as she crossed her legs. This was not good. She was….shit. She was so turned on right now. And she wanted to…

God it would be amazing to have sex right up against the wall or the floor….


ceciditxfragmenta is creating an awkward silence,


   Why exactly this girl was standing before the blond in the middle of the night in absolute silence was beyond him. He was returning from the Quick’n’Ice to retrieve a bucket of Neapolitan ice cream for his dorm when the mysterious brown eyed girl had bumped into him. Now, the two were locked in extremely awkward eye contact.  -ℑ