I’m exhausted, depressed and I have a horrible headache but I went to both my seminars today and I’m super proud of myself.

And if you’re thinking of sending me anon hate because ‘I could have it worse’ or whatever, don’t bother, because I don’t care about your opinions and I’m not wasting my thought processes answering your stupid hate.

I have done well today, and no one is going to ruin it for me. Recovery rules!



Bias//Selca challenge ♥

So I was tagged in this by the fabulous Cola (look at Cola’s because they are incredibly perfect) pumpkjin quite a while ago… nearly a month ago in fact!   I’ve been busy so although I took the pics a while ago (after a night out lmao) I never put them together.  As you can see I got kind of carried away (mainly because I wasn’t really satisfied with any of them haha), and like cola said, screw just choosing one bias to use!

But here they are, because I don’t like leaving things half done…

Don’t judge me against my loverrs please because they are all like off the scale attractive and I’m just a homely thing.

So I’ll tag: www-modcloth-com, prettykeytty, natsame, skittlenator, butterkookies, min-bommie, gallifreyanstarlight, byungnah, juxtapositive, shinelikeastarlight, kimjonqdae, chencake, dubufulkoala, liatfar, dansheenmachen, chan-you-chenchen, shoutingouttotheworld, church-of-chensusrapmuns, and anyone else who wants to and say I tagged them!  

If you don’t wanna put your face on the internet that’s fine, but if you have already revealed yourself then you have no excuse ;)

Nighty Night

I just finished studying and now I’m gonna pack because I’m driving home tomorrow for the weekend, yay! So excited to see my mum and make her watch this hilarious episode of Extras.

Can’t wait to see my Mr too, obviously! Saturday we might be going into London to explore and then we have an event in the evening in aid of Haiti Hospital Appeal :-)

So on those exciting notes, good night! 

P.s. I am loving the new McBusted song. Total guilty pleasure. Rocking out.

Kidnapped (closed rp with nurse-ray)

Ray’s birthday was soon. And procrastination was a bitch. That’s why Ryan was out at midnight, trying to find the best gift from the stores that were open, which were slim. He had already been out here for at least three hours, and his patience was wearing incredibly thin. He was walking down a strip mall, when he heard footsteps. He twisted around, seeing a man standing there, and his gun trained on him. Ryan frowned, cursing himself for not carrying his gun at this time of night. He was in another crew’s territory. Shit.

Then, he felt nothing, as while he was in his thoughts, a companion had come up behind him and smacked him with the back of his gun.