Hey guys! So here’s a video I promised ! Sorry its a bit lengthy and the music makes it more dramatic than it needs to be LMAO -.- I talk about my experience of growing up in Russia while being born a lesbian. As you know in Russia its almost illegal to be a homosexual so I thought I’d share how it affected me. Hope people relate or this helps someone figure out what they are if they feel the same way

8th August

I could kill him. I really could kill him right now, the right bastard, bloody arrogant son of a bloody bitch

9th August. Overcast, muggy, I hate everything

I shouldn’t have hit him. Maker damn the world, stubborn elves, and me in particular.

12th August. Still overcast.

Apologized to Fenris yesterday. Took him a basket Mother helped me put together with sausage and bread and berries and wine and who knows what else. Standard I’m-sorry-I-walloped-you-in-the-jaw-because-you-were-being-an-enormous-prick fare. He took it as grudgingly as I gave it, but he did take it, and then at the end he said something I didn’t…

Maybe I should start at the beginning.

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anonymous asked:

What are your personal fave little red!au headcanons 😏

ohmygodontevengetmestartedon–TOO LATE:

  • Dean TOTALLY has the spot behind his ear and he melts every. single. time. Cas decides to scratch him there; he becomes a little ball of happiness and he always gets grumpy when Cas stops petting him like “excUSE ME where are mY PATS I demAND PATS” and he bumps Cas with his head until he continues scratching
  • apparently dogs tend to put their paw on other dogs and animals in general and basically if the other animal doesn’t shrug off the paw the dog considers it theirs; just imagine Dean and Cas sitting on a meadow and suddenly Dean puts his hand on the top of Cas’ head and Cas is like ‘??’ and he thinks that maybe Dean wants to pet him or something but Dean is like ‘yES I obtaiNED a humAN’
  • (bonus) dogs often (while putting the paw on) try to push the other animal on its back - it’s a sign of submission and obedience; Dean would totally try to push Cas and Cas would be so surprised with the sudden push and he would spent a minute or two in lying position asking about Dean’s strange behaviour but Dean just smiles and “everything is totes cool I’ve just confirmed it”
  • Dean trying to show his dominance in different ways buT CAS DOES NOT GET IT
  • Dean being jealous because Cas likes petting Sam and Dean’s pretty sure somE OF THOSE PATS BELONG TO HIM 
  • Dean growling at potential love enemies
  • Cas and Dean sometimes use Cas’ red cape as a blanket and Dean is so happy because “ALL THAT SMEEL YAS”
  • Dean is super cuddly and his ears totally tickle Cas’ nose while sleeping
  • Dean reads a book “abc of human” and he gets to know that “kisses are normal thing for humans, they’re common among lovers but friends can give each other kisses as well” and goes to Cas and “why do you never kiss me”
  • Dean nuzzles his face and nose against Cas neck and behind his ear just because; Cas always gets redder than his cape and “n-no Dean what are you doing even” but of course Dean doesn’t stop there pff
  • Dean finds out that ears are Cas’ weak spot as well
  • Dean fights soap on daily basis