I'm beyond happy, and is Calum's HOOD 19 Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to one of the nicest bassist on the planet, happy birthday to one of the coolest guys out there, happy birthday to the australian cesar milán, and happy birthday to the boy with big heart <3


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Sappy Beginning

WOAH okay it has been SEVEN FREAKING MONTHS I have never had a muse for more than three months ( maybe four??? but milestone nonetheless ) this is amazing and really it’s all thanks to you wonderful lovely people who stuck by me as learned and grew. -smooches and hugs u all- I love every single one of you! Thank you for talking and interacting with me and this giant furball named beast. Without you guys this blog would probably be long gone by now! You’re all all just wonderful okay. ( remember if you are not on here that does not mean I do not love or appreciate you. every single one of you reading this is amazing!!! )

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Do you live for sad fics? Sam leaving for Stanford, the boys being seperated, I love you followed by but not like that? Do you have a love/hate relationship with Dean playing match maker for his little brother while pining for him? Do you love fics that make you cry, sob, and want to read more? This network is just for you.

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   Someone approached, but they definitely weren’t a familiar… actually, she doesn’t believe they’re even native to the country. Perhaps they travelled here before, or else they would be standing in one place while looking for a direction. Probably an exit from here…

❝M…may I h-help you, sir?❞


Ya Hezzaly, يا هزالي — Balqees & David Penn, بلقيس و ديفيد بين — Coke Studio بالعربي S03E07


The song is from the Jewish Yemini Folklore I understand.. [Hezally] is an extinct colourful bird of Yemen that is a symbol of love and rendezvous .. This is probably not a proper translation.. just what I understood: a girl in love complaining to a colourful bird.. I welcome any corrections from Yemeni followers <3

Whose voice is that? the voice of someone in love ..

the voice of a bird that once sang melodies..

it once had an infatuated lover

My heart is lovelorn

Ya Hezzally

O’ Girls of Sanaa’ City, my soul is crushed amongst you..

My heart is withering!  Would anyone help him propose to this heart-broken girl?

Ya Hezzally