The truth is that no one else could live your life. Nobody else - man or woman - could wake up and put on your shoes in the morning. Nobody else could pull it off. So own that. Cool is a lie. Cool doesn’t matter and it never did. Merely perception. In conclusion, you are your own torch carrier. Don’t let anybody steal your light. Wear what you want. Think how you want. Challenge normal. And yes, even challenge what’s “cool”.


When you start observing strangers you will find that some people seem truly happy while others seem like they’re angry at the world. Don’t take it personally because these people are suffering on the inside. Think about the miserable-looking guy in line next to you or at security guy at the airport; those people are obviously yelling because of something negative they are feeling on the inside. They need kindness the most and they will most likely be extremely touched you reached out even if they don’t know how to show it. If you’re vulnerable with them, they will most likely be vulnerable with you.”