Ryeowook and Heechul? Awkward together?

Okay so I saw someone ask why Heechul and Ryeowook never have any contact, and suddenly everyone was commenting that they are really awkward with each other and aren’t really friends.

I don’t think they’re all that awkward at all! ^_^

I think that they both like each other well enough and are close in their own wee way, but any time that Heechul is on Camera he wants to be the center of attention/hyper/happy/bubbly/out-going. Obviously, he’ll go to the members that are more likely to act like that with him. So, I don’t think that a lack of interaction indicates them being awkward or not that close, I think it’s just because there are other members that it is more natural for them to interact with.

And there IS evidence of this to back that up ^_^ …

Here, Heechul is sitting next to Ryeowook and when they start talking about whether or not Leetuek liked Ryeowook and Kyuhyun to start off with, he announces that he didn’t like Ryeowook at first and Ryeowook agrees, but then he ruffles his hair in an affectionate gesture as a sign that things aren’t like that now.

Here, he also talked about why/when he decided that, actually, he DID like Ryeowook here, as well as talk a little about some of Ryeowook’s good qualities. He sounds like he feels pretty affectionate about him =] .

There are a number of occassions where Heechul talks about Ryeowook in a positive context.

For example, he talked about how he hadn’t felt like eating lately but Ryeowook has been there making sure he eats if it’s the last thing he does XD Which shows not only that Ryeowook cares, but that Heechul has taken notice of the trouble Ryeowook took =]

He also gave Ryeowook a message on YS that he loved him, he wanted him to cheer up, and he thanked him, because Ryeowook’s Grandmother had died. He also talked about his admiration of him in the sense that he continued on and performed even just after he found out.

Here, Heechul shouts for Ryeowook in encouragement, and laughs in affection at him being his usual fail-self at sports ^_^ This generally shows how they can have fun together ^_^

He also celebrates with him when he actually manages to do well =D

He also talks about how he likes being able to come home and find Ryeowook being his generally cute and entertaining self, and offering to make him Ramen when he says he’s hungry ^_^ Heechul apparently finds Ryeowook while he watches dramas hilarious XD

Similar idea as the last video, but Heechul points out that Ryeowook makes a point of being in the same room as him while he’s eating so he doesn’t get bored, and he says that he learns about the world while eating with Ryeowook XD

Lastly, it might be rare, but you CAN actually find affection, skinship and interaction between the two on stage too =] :










There is plenty love between these boys if you just look =D

And for your take away note, think about this: If Ryeowook and Heechul are so supposedly awkward together, why were they NOT the pair on Intimate Note? =]]]]

just found this..HEEWOOK

[Trans] Heechul mentions Ryeowook 20 times in Youngstreet

HC: Yesterday, Ryeowook and I called pizza delivery, and when the delivery arrived, I went and take it wearing in my boxer only……

HC: I am the most good looking in Ryeowook’s opinion

HC: I usually play games when I’m alone at home. There’s a new game recently called ‘Civilization’, its really popular. You need to exchange corn with jewel in this game or else a war will begin or something. I heard they said that once you get addicted to this kind of game, it will be difficult for you to not play it. ‘Civilization’ and ‘Super Star K2′ are the popular games these days, you are consider outdated if you don’t know these games. But the situation is completely different in our dorm, Ryeowook who know about these hot topics are lefted out, because Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and I don’t know about these at all….kkk….

HC: That day, I was chatting with Ryeowook at home(dorm), he asked why don’t I have a girlfriend. I asked him back the same question, and even showed him your (Beige) picture. I told him, it would be interesting if you two (Beige and Ryeowook) be in a relationship. Ryeowook then suggested you (Beige) and me to make out, he got a lesson from me at last that he almost cry…..

HC: Ryeowook is such a good kid, he is kind and knows how to cook well

HC: Friends around me who sleep with eyes opened…. are SHINee Jonghyun and also Ryeowook. Its pretty unbeliavable. There was one time I witnessed Ryeowook sleeping with eyes widen, so I immediately told Donghae: “See, see, Ryeowook is sleeping with opened eyes.” Ryeowook suddenly said: “Hyung, I am not asleep yet…..” I freaked out….

HC: Some says I was Ryeowook in my last life….

HC: I still can’t cook well even though I practiced cooking a lot. I only know how to prepare myself kimchi or tuna with plain rice. Thanks to Ryeowook who always come and prepare food for me, thank you Ryeowook.

HC: People said single old men have some kind of smell. Ryeowook, Donghae, Leeteuk and I live together, we are all afraid that our body has this kind of smell too. As we are not able to realise that kind of smell ourselves, we usually smell each others’ body.

HC: I was shocked when I reached the dorm yesterday night. I was just about to take off my shoes, a voice suddenly appeared. I turned and saw Ryeowook with his phone in his hand, watching the drama ‘My Happy Home’ on TV and self-talked with the actress Hwang Shin Hye from the drama. I asked why didn’t he watch ‘President’ He answered: “Ah, I am chasing six dramas now. I am going to watch ‘President’ replay later.” I asked what are those six dramas so he replied: “There are ‘Secret Garden’,’Athena’,’My Happy Home’,’President’ and what else… I can’t remember.” Overall, Ryeowook is just too ‘strong’. He can even explain how’s my popularity sometimes like: “Hyung, you are receiving good comments recently.” Or “Hyung, your popularity rises a lot lately.” Anyways he really scared me last night.

HC: To be exact, I was graduated from Tourism English Department which focused more on translating. Reporters are going to write contents about me again, be aware of me giving you guys a lesson. Ah ah ah, I already knew which drama is Ryeowook watching: ‘Athena’, ‘Daemul’, ‘President’, ‘Secret Garden’, ‘My Happy Home’ and ‘It’s Okay Daddy’s Daughter’ . Do you know how expert is he? Although I’ve already mentioned just now, I will repeat again for listeners who missed out what I’ve said. Ryeowook could eat oranges, read his own fan cafe and watch drama at the same time. And he even talk to television like “Omo omo, how coould it be like this, Hwang Shin Hye noona couldn’t be that bad!” When watching Seccret Garden he will react like this: “What to do now?! They have exchanged spirits!” I don’t even know how does the drama goes. Sometimes, he will sudenly find me and panic: “Otoke Otoke, something happened!” I asked him which drama was he watching again. Out of what I expected, he went to read anti’s blogs, and he thought it is interesting and wanted me to try reading them. I answered I will have a lot of pressure (if I read), so he helped me to read mine and brought back good news to me, said that I was welcomed by a lot netizens lately, everyone praised my hosting/DJ skill.

HC: If you are a great audience of ‘Hundred points of out thousand points’, you will know that Eunhyuk’s wearing are the hot fashion recently. It seems like everybody around me knows that except me myself, because I don’t watch drama. But I know that actor, the Secretary Kim from drama ‘Ajussi’ is also the Secretary Kim from ‘Seccret Garden’. I know him because Ryeowook knows how to imitate him most, he always act like crying and said: “How could you treat me like this, etc” Still, I never understand the drama. I only know that Seccretary Kim is in a really sweet relationship with Yoo Inna in the drama, anyways let’s wait til the drama ends, so that I could watch them straight in once. I guess everyone had watched the drama ‘Sorry, I love you’. right? I finished watching that drama after 3 or 5 years of its last episode broadcast on TV. “Are you sure? Are you really really sure?” (This is a famous line from the drama ‘Sorry, I love you’)

HC: Our Ryeowook specially love watching drama, he kept asking “Otoke? Otoke?” while watching. When Ryeowook wants to go out for meal, he will imitate Secret Kim from ‘Secret Garden’: “What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do to my hair??”

HC: Its either auntie or Ryeowook to prepare our food….. this morning I drank Ryeowook’s beansprout soup. Usually he makes us squid soup, he is the best! When eating together with Ryeowook, I can even learn more about the society, other than telling me the recent great and popular dramas, he could even imitate interestingly “Otoke? Otoke? Ha Jiwon ah, omo, otoke??”

HC: Its been ages I haven’t peal any orange skin. All these works are done by Ryeowook or Donghae, they prepare pealed orange for me in the fringe and even wrote my name somewhere near the oranges to remind me. All I can do is eat, because if I peal them myself, they will be asking: “Is hyung hating me…..?” So I just have to eat wholeheartedly…..

HC: There was such an incident. Our Ryeowook and I shared a room once when we’re overseas. Ryeowook has a habit of grinding his teeth when he’s sleeping. I dont like teeth-grinding or snoring, Ryeowook slept with his mouth open..

HC: When you’re sick, you don’t feel like eating right? Recently I don’t feel like eating. But our Ryeowook… Super Junior’s Ryeowook said when he’s watching me eat and said “Hyung when you’re not feeling well and have no appetite, must still eat” . Then he feed directly into my mouth like using a shovel.

HC: During the year-end song award, our Ryeowook went through a grievous event. But Ryeowook persevered to finish the performance, he was very strong. Our Ryeowookie, hyunggie always love you, cheer up always and really thank you.

HC: they will cry! Ryeowook will watch the TV while holding back his tears like this.I’ll ask “hey, what’s wrong?” then Ryeowook answer “Ottoke? Tak Gu.. how can it be?!~” then he cries..

HC: I have mentioned earlier on that Ryeowook and Beige really look alike, not only their physical looks, even their behavior and the way they speak. I played the *game too, and it states that there’s a similarity of 20% between me and Ryeowook!

Translated by: 雲妖精 @ Baidu [Korean to Chinese]
. : Elly @ iRyeowookELF [Chinese to English]
Edited + Shared by: Munny @ iRyeowookELF.wordpress.com
.:Please take out with FULL CREDIT:.

IS: I wear pajamas when I go to sleep !

HC: if you sleep naked, it hurts(?)

RW: I sleep naked… and it doesn’t hurt..?

HC: that’s why you lock the doors!! 

RW: yes ㅋㅋ

HC: he sleeps naked! I walked in, and he was naked! … I won’t continue from here ㅋㅋ

[must read :D][Transcript] 130426 Sungdong Cafe with Heechul
  • Heechul:I live with Kangin, Ryeowook, and Donghae-ssi, and us three like different tastes. Kangin-ssi likes provoking taste (ex: salty, spicy, sour). When I tell him “I’m hungry~ hungry~” he makes me salty ramen. Ryeowook-ssi doesn’t make me ramen. When I say “I’m hungry~” to him, he tells me Ramen isn’t healthy and makes me rice instead. He gives me side dishes like duck, fish, broccoli, vegetables, etc. It’s like a king’s table. Donghae-ssi… when I go home late at night after drinking, he makes good sober soup. He’s not all that good in cooking but he’s really good in making sober soup
  • These few days… I felt this.. I was thinking about moving out to live alone but now, being alone while members are in South America, I feel so lonely. Usually, I’d just play games until members call me to eat. Then i’d eat, then return to play games. Without members here, I still play games… but it feels very different. I feel lonely.
  • Heechul:When I was in school, and when it was time for report cards to come, it was a battle between my mom and me on who will get to the mailbox first. I’d give her nonsense excuses like “oh the school didn’t mail any report cards!” or “i think it got lost in the post office” to hide my report card (grades). My mom knew i was lying.
  • Fan:Do you not like the food Ryeowook makes for you? You looked so happy talking about Donghae and Kangin’s dishes but you looked sad when talking about Ryeowook’s.
  • Heechul:Like I said, Ryeowook is like my mom. He feeds me fish and stuff. Kangin is like a restaurant owner. He makes food according to my taste. But Ryeowook gives me vegetables and green things. I feel thankful about him taking care of my health but it’s really not tasty. I don’t think he’s ever made things like ham… dishes Kangin often makes are like ramen, fried eggs, square hams, etc. Ryeowook-ssi usually makes things like duck, fish, ppat/beans, etc… Donghae-ssi is like.. if I tell him, “Ya donghae, make something to eat.” Donghae would go “okay!” and call the manager. Then the manager comes and makes something for us to eat.
  • Heechul:members talked about this… “member we want to marry”. As for guy you’d want to date, it’d be me. My dating style is fun. As for marrying, I think Donghae-ssi would be best… Siwon-ssi would be okay too but he gets kinda obsessive… so I’d say Donghae-ssi is best.
  • Heechul:After I received lasek surgery (to improve my vision), my eyes felt like a pencil was stabbing it continuously for 3 days…only those who have received lasek would know this feeling.. I cursed so much, I didn’t know I could curse that much. And after 3 days, it was okay.
  • Fan:When members were gone for SJM, you and Leeteuk oppa were the only ones in dorm right? How was his cooking?
  • Heechul:Teuk is actually good in cooking. He’s not the type to take care of your meals much but because I really can’t cook, he made food for me. Food like egg rice and stuff…
  • Heechul:I thought Teuk would be more of a “hole” of the group, not a “leader”. but he was really good in leading. And unlike me, who likes to go out and socialize without thinking much about my image, he is very careful about his image so he tends to stay home.
  • Heenim:There are times when you watch food shows on the tv and you feel hungry, I’m feeling that now. I heard that they’re selling jjajangmyeon out there too. I love jjajangmyeon although my mum doesn’t like it.
  • Heenim:Wook doesn’t cook ramyun well. When I say that I’m hungry, Wook will say “ramyun is not good for your body, I will cook rice for you.” He’s good at cooking duck and fish!
  • Heenim:My mum texted to say that she likes my hair now cos my eyes are visible. Elderly loves it when our eyes are visible. But I hate hairstyles that show my eyes.
  • Source:heechulfacts.tumblr.com
  • Translated by:@nksubs & @heequeentin
Ryeowook the ultimate top fic

Title: Teach You

Chapter: 1/11

Pairing: Ryeowook/Yesung, Ryeowook/Henry, Ryeowook/Heechul, Ryeowook/Zhou Mi, Ryeowook/PRETTY MUCH EVERYONE

Rating: NC-17/R

Warning: Non/Dub-Con, Bondage

Summary: Ryeowook is tired of slaving over a hot stove for Super Junior and getting no thanks. He comes up with a plan to teach Super Junior a lesson, and maybe train them to be exactly how he wants them to be.

Pure smut ahead!

Read More

Dear Tricia

Isasalin ko ito sa wikang Filipino para espesyal at kaunti lang makaiintindi. Ngunit hindi ko sinasabing hindi ako magsasabi ng mga katagang nasa wikang banyaga. lol okay w/e JOKE LANG PALA

do you remember when we first talked on livejournal? that time when i was all nice and friendly to you? and then i learned you’re pinoy too so i started to reveal my true self? that’s the outset of our fantastic friendship, isn’t it?

everyday you witness my unbeatable raging self and you still comfort me lawl tbh idk how you manage to stay friends with me no just kidding i know i am very awesome that you can’t leave me 8)

anyway you know almost everything about me, even the most private stuff in my life. and that means i trust you. you should feel special, you know, because i have trust issues hehee. you know that i’m always here for you righhhhhhhhttttt (though most of the time it’s you who comforts me /guilty) thank you mula sa kaibuturan ng aking puso at ibang internal organs :* please stay with me in spite of myself! I love you Tricia~ ❤