Minha pele poupará o teu cheiro
para que não se esvaia
E tu, meu amor, guarda o meu toque na tua
para que os dias ruins sejam menos difíceis
Preserva o meu olhar no cristalino do teu
e faz de um dia banal o marco de nossa eternidade
pois enquanto as extremidades dos meus dedos preservam a textura dos teus cabelos que há muito não via
minha boca há de guardar os teus lábios carnudos e rosados
por toda a eternidade em que não poderei tocá-los.
—  Gabriela, maresiafria

well……talked to my mom about changing my name and when i put in my application to target i put my preferred name………………it went pretty well happily ;o; im really excited theres a couple places ive put in applications that seem fun to work at !!

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same girl i'm against slave rps can we just?? i'm so sick of them. thank you

I know! It’s denigrating. Do you have any idea of how many people suffer from sexu slavery chains? From forced prostitution? From abuse? How it ruins their lives? Oh, no but it’s only a roleplay so who the fuck cares. Seriously I don’t care how harsh it sounds but I utterly hate anyone who promotes or participate on these roleplays. Shaking my head right now. Let’s just all team up and take all of that shit down. I’m down, bring the sledge hammer.

Very very important

I know I don’t have a lot of followers on here but the few of you I do have please take note. I don’t know why this is so hard for me, I know my friends and followers will be supporting but it’s just so hard. So I’ll just say it, I’m am coming out as bisexual. On tumblr this is never a big deal but It feels like it to me. Please talk to me I need advice for coming out to my friends. I’ll worry about my conservative Christian family later. Please guys please help me


SOOOO Proud of Sarah winning!! She won 7-2 against Godfrey in the end. Ashleigh got 3rd place after Godfrey won the final HoH. And Jordan was evicted from jury.