Why One Alleged Rapist Gets Shunned And Another Gets A Deal With Amazon

Woody Allen is writing and directing a television show for Amazon.

This is big news for both parties. Amazon, the newest player in the prestige-TV game, just nabbed two Golden Globes on Sunday for the excellent Transparent, earning itself some hardware and high-profile recognition; Jeffrey Tambor, while accepting his award, called Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos his “new best friend.” Allen is a cinema legend who could probably keep making movies every day until he dies. His willingness to switch from a big screen to a small one is a major statement about the caliber of television and its supposedly-second-tier status relative to film. The “Untitled Woody Allen Project” will be a half-hour series, available only on Prime Instant Video in the U.S., U.K. and Germany.

There is also this: Allen is an alleged child molester.

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I find Lady Tremaine and Jasmine French quite similar. They are both had a husband who died, they had everything: they were rich and had a very wealthy life. They both understands that in order to succeed in this world you need money that comes from a man (Especially a wealthy man). Both of them found themselves alone in the world: without kids or without successful kids (it doesn’t really matter). Both of them want to rebuild their life again, to get a man, to live good life again. AND FOR BOTH it doesn’t work out. The beautiful thing about it is the different directions these characters are going through: while Jasmine brakes to little pieces you see Lady Tremaine becomes more and more evil. They are strong women that the world was bad to.