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Completed some more work on the cherry nightstand top this past weekend.  This is a campaign-style nightstand with three drawers.  

In the second photo, you can see the rabbets and grooves that hold the sides, center supports, and the back.  The back is inset about 3 1/2” to create a cubby to store cords for my phone charger, clock radio, and beside lamp.  

Next step will be to build and install the drawers (those are just the front panels in the above pic) and then glue up the assembly and finally to add the campaign hardware (inset handles and corner brackets).

Stay tuned…

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72 year old Bosnian man builds his own VW Beetle...out of wood

Some Reddit users spotted this beauty at a parade in Serbia.  A 72 year old man spent two years building himself a custom Volkswagen Beetle, entirely from over 50,000 pieces of oak.

The results are spectacular:

Even the tiniest details are carved from wood.  Here’s a closeup of one of the VW logos:

Let’s hope he never gets in a fender bender!  This thing is a work of art!


If you want your little Jedi to grow up on the light side of the Force or perhaps be the next Wedge Antilles, putting them in this awesome handmade X-wing rocker, the “Rocking Ride-in Spaceship,” seems like a fine way to start. This handsome wooden starfighter was made by New Zealand-based woodworker StevesWoodenToys.

The geektastic rocker is made of pine, native macrocarpa and rimu woods and measures 45 inches long, 47 inches wide and 25 inches tall. Its wing can be unbolted “to allow for ease of intergalactic travel in the back of a medium sized car” and it even comes with a removable wooden R2D2 who sits behind the pilot seat.

Head over to StevesWoodenToys on DeviantArt to check out more of his fantastic handmade creations.

[via Neatorama]


Grand Central Riding Arena | Pearson & Peters Architects and Beams from Unalam

Brewster, NY

See more photos of this property here.

"Exterior shot of the Horse Barn and Riding Arena in Brewster, NY. Unalam supplied the arches and beams used throughout the buildings, which were featured in the book Ultimate Horse Barns, by Randy Leffingwell."