some casual doodles of OTGW I have been doing from talks with incurablenecromantic

  1. Reverse roles Enoch and Beast, he is a even creeper pumpkin piñata and beast is liek some sort of misterious dork forrest ranger treeman
  2. Human Enoch and Beast from her fic
  3. my version of some other characters as regular humans just here

anonymous asked:

In the FWTB universe Henry becomes the woodsman earlier then he did in the regular au. Does this mean FWTB Henry dies sooner then regular Henry? Or does he live as long as he is supposed to, or even longer due to Dipper owning his soul?

I’d say he dies a little sooner, but not too much, because Mod S is a giant sap and it’s already sad enough that Henry dies early as it is.

Collection Update!


by Esoulix

a collection of playlists dedicated to our favorite all-powerful dork (and all that comes with him)

I’ve updated the collection list! Again, if you know of a playlist that I somehow missed, send it into my ask or submit and I’ll gladly add it :3

Oh, and keep reading to see the list of playlists (lol) and links to them (separate from my collection of course,) and their wonderful creators.

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Character blogs

1. Calevric Duskvale:  mercenary, woodsman, grouch

2. Vastiel Mistbourne: farrier, cartographer, sleepy lion

Both are new blogs, there isn’t much there yet, so bear with me!

Be sure to come out and have some beers with the Noble Woodsman at the @patchworkmarket this Saturday at @fullsteambrewery in Durham! Don’t make me AXE you again!

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Simple Swedish fire log .

Our good friend Pete the Hat a well known woodsman around these parts wanted to try and make the classic fire log from a well seasoned ash log .

Cut with a bacho crosscut bow saw and stuffed with king Alfred’s cake tinder fungus and birch bark then struck with a light my fire fire steel .

We tried several seasoned logs from the hedge including birch and hawthorn and oak but the ash and birch were definitely the best .