New Split zine titled #sendhelp published by #dbc with @clintwoodside –> #woodsidechats on @kchungradio ————– full color ————– full bleed ————– 46 pages ————– hand bound [knotted at bottom if I sewed it, top knot if @clintwoodside did the sewing] ————– comes with stickers and whatnot ————– photos and drawings printed and worked over in collaboration ————– handmade in the 🇺🇸 USA 🇺🇸 ————– edition of 150 signed and numbered ————– available @sleepnershop

TONIGHT!!!!! #BigButter On #woodsidechats w @clintwoodside to talk about the new album/show, #astepfeltinfull that opens tomorrow at @slow_culture!!! Listen in at 8pm tonight on @kchungradio!!! It’s gonna be a ripper!!!!

Starting at 7pm I’ll be doing a 2 hour block on @kchungradio playing all my (not yours.) favorites. TUNE IN! Stop by! Do SOMETHING!!!! #woodsidechats (at KCHUNG Radio)

Hey everyone. I got a ton of records out of my storage space. This is a big box of 7"s. What’s in here? I have no idea, I can’t remember… I packed it a year and a half ago… But for a special 2 hour block of #WoodsideChats, we will find out together! Tune in to @kchungradio from 8-10 and join the mystery!!!

Http:// (at Kchung Radio)

TONIGHT on #woodsidechats on @kchungradio I will have a special 2 hour show. The first hour (8-9) I will be with @aaronrrrose / @allegedpress talking about his travels, latest show and playing hot cuts from his collection. Then 9-10 I’ll be on my own playing the usual fun hyperactive hits you have come to love… LISTEN IN!!! (Don’t worry… We will remind you.) or click the link in my profile. (at KCHUNG Radio)

TONIGHT!!!!! On #woodsidechats, I will have brother mega team @tbiskup & @mikebiskup on to talk about the new #bigbutter album, and the show they have that opens tomorrow at @slow_culture!!! Listen in at 8pm tonight on @kchungradio!!! It’s gonna be a ripper!!!!

(Link in my profile.) (at Kchung Radio)

THURSDAY!!!! #woodsidechats HA a very special guest. About 18 years ago @larryransom and I (along with Joe Garlipp) used to have a hardcore radio show in Buffalo. Well, Larry and I are back at it and we will be playing all the hits you love on @kchungradio we will also talk about Larry’s zine @purefunskatezine and events he has coming up… Get stoked. It will be fun. If you bring us a pizza. We will give you a prize. (I think.) (at Kchung Radio)

I’m not saying it’s going to be all Christmas… But in45 mins I’ll be playing some hot jams on @kchungradio with some sweet Christmas treats peppered in. Merry Crassmas. #woodsidechats (at KCHUNG Radio)


#woodsidechats IS BACK!!! I’ve been gone for a while but tonight at 8 I’m back on @kchungradio playing music for anyone who wants to listen. I’ll be on the chat wing too, so tune in!!!! (at KCHUNG Radio)