Episode 29 - Game of Bones XXX
  • Episode 29 - Game of Bones XXX
  • Jonelle, Marissa, and Sade
  • Fat Pink Cast


Brown chicken, brown cow.   The Fat Pink Cast (+ the Unsullied Nina) sail across the X-rated seas to check out the first professional Game of Thrones XXX parody video, Game of Bones - Winter is Cumming by WoodRocket and starring tumblr fave James Deen.   

The entire audio from the pornographic film is included in the podcast, so you can watch along on mute or simply use your imagination.    

FPC attempts to deconstruct this porno from a feminist lens and tries not to fall asleep in the process.


Episode 28: Sleepy Pink Cast Part 2

Fat Pink Cast talks afrofuturism and recaps the second half of Season 1 of FOX’s Sleepy Hollow.


SEASON FOUR of GAME OF THRONES premieres on April 6th!  

Episodes recorded the Monday after and uploaded on Thursday or Friday.  Stay tuned for some resentful hate-watching and +5 Sansa love!

"Wood Rocket—a porn and comedy site (as if we had to tell you)—will be releasing a porn parody of the show in May. The site already produces parodies like Game Of Bones and SpongeKnob SquareNuts, and it will now add Doctor Whore to its repertoire. Since that name leaves something to be desired—especially since its punchline is visual rather than auditory—we humbly suggest Doctor Screw as an alternative."

anonymous said:

Your Woodrocket shoots are some of the best things I have ever seen! As if I didn't love you enough already :p Amazing, Jenn. <3<3<3

You guys are gonna give me a huge ego!!! Geez lol Thank you so much <3 Very glad you all enjoy the stuff we are doing at Wood Rocket :)

anonymous said:

Didn't you say there was some woodrocket stuff with you coming up? is that still happening? Hope that didn't sound rude

That didn’t sound rude at all! Now if you had said “Heyooo bitch, whaddup with that fucking shiet for Woodrocket you whore?” that would have been rude :) We are working on some extra special stuff this weekend so get your excited pants on!! Well..actually..put them on then take them off because fuck pants.

WoodRocket présente Fuckarama, la parodie de Futurama

ADULT-BUSINESS culture sexe Les gars de WoodRocket n’en finissent plus de prendre Internet par le cou et de lui faire un shampoing avec le poing en lui gueulant qu’il est son petit pote à la compote. Après avoir parodié une bonne partie des références culturelles des enfants d’Internet (Bob l’Éponge, Game of Thrones, Family Guy, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Les […] generation blog http://goo.gl/ihn95