Creative Directors Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo of Valentino enlisted photographer Michal Pudelka for the maison’s Spring/Summer 2015 womenswear ad campaign, which in my opinion is the best of the season. The images captured tell a romantic tale; we see models sprawled along the beach like mermaids, fleeting in the forest like wood nymphs, and floating in the water like fashionable water lillies - all radiating a dreamlike quality, and perfectly representing the essence of this era’s Valentino woman. via.

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of Tumblr games they regurgitate. Hit shuffle on your iPod, phone, iTunes, media player, etc. and write down the first ten songs. Then brag about how cool your music is to ten more people.

Side note: I love how some sterling personality decided to be different and cooked up the above rules, haha.

I was tagged by my brother from another mother, nattljud. Thanks, Paul!

1. “Heaven TV” by The Ocean

2. “The Betrayal” by Fleshgod Apocalypse

3. “Alternate Ending” by Woods of Ypres

4. “A No-Sided Argument” by Napalm Death

5. “Swallow the Fear” by Immolation

6. “Oil Upon the Sores of Lepers” by Anaal Nathrakh

7. “Sons of Pest” by Krisiun

8. “The Crown Massacre” by Belphegor

9. “One Reckless Sleep” by Remembrance

10. “Circles” by Tiamat

Now, who should I fuck with next? How ‘bout earthkami, whitewolfinthesnow, moonulv, celticblood, river-woods, mossofthewoods, cat-nymph, arodean, darkmedeia, and summoningplants


↳ [1/1] Favorite Transformation - Artemis and Actaeon

Deep in the woods, Actaeon was hunting deer with a group of his friends and a large pack of dogs. By noon, the sun is beating down on them, and the group is getting tired from hunting all morning. Actaeon decides to give everyone a break and tells them they’ll resume hunting tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, the goddess Artemis is also hot and exhausted from hunting. She decides to take a break and goes to her secret grove to wash up. Artemis undresses and takes a refreshing bath with the help of her wood nymph handmaidens. Looking for a place to cool off, Actaeon wanders deep into the woods and stumbles upon the bathing goddess. The Wood Nymphs see Actaeon and freak out. They surround Artemis, hoping to shield her from Actaeon’s gaze. No such luck, though—Actaeon has already seen the goddess’s naked body. Shocked and embarrassed, Artemis reaches for her trusty bow. But then she gets a better idea and splashes water endowed with magical properties at Actaeon. As the water hits Actaeon, he’s transformed from a man to a deer. Frightened, he gallops away. Actaeon runs through the woods, crying and wondering what to do with himself. Suddenly, he encounters his pack of hunting dogs. The dogs don’t recognize their master in his deer form, and they begin to chase him. Terrified, Actaeon tries to flee, but he’s unable to outrun his canine pursuers. One sinks his teeth into Actaeon’s haunches and holds him down as the others descend upon him. Unable to call for help or defend himself, Actaeon is torn apart by his own dogs.


The Clay to Bronze Sculpture of Devon Dorrity

In life you have to make choices as to where you spend your time.  Each minute you spend on one activity takes away from another.  Finding a balance that allows you to keep your sanity and create memories and a legacy that you can be proud to pass on is the great challenge we all face.  Our time is short, so choose wisely, prioritize and help others along the way.  For only they will remember you when you are gone.


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Another photo set of Charlie and the Wood Nymphs, I love the coloring and clarity of these photos, so artistically beautiful, Charlie as depicting the great god Pan:

In Greek religion and mythology, Pan (Ancient Greek: Πᾶν, Pān) is the god of the wild, shepherds and flocks, nature of mountain wilds, hunting and rustic music, and companion of the nymphs. D

His homage to Vaslav Nijinsky is a touching tribute:

 was a Russian ballet dancer and choreographer of Polish descent, cited as the greatest male dancer of the early 20th century.[3] He grew to be celebrated for his virtuosity and for the depth and intensity of his characterizations. He could perform en pointe, a rare skill among male dancers at the time