wood rocket

  • James Deen:I'm a huge Taylor Swift Fan. I think she's amazing, but I don't know who she dates because as far as I'm concerned, she's mine.
  • Friend:Don't you send messages to her all the time?
  • James Deen:Where?
  • Friend:On Twitter!
  • James Deen:No.
  • Friend:You've never tweeted at her?
  • James Deen:No. Why would I tweet at her? I don't know her. That would be weird. She probably has got a lot of followers. She's not going to be paying attention to me. Plus, I think it would be bad for her image to be gallivanting with an adult film performer.

Archer pics are here!!!!! This was easily one of the most fun photo-shoots I have ever been a part of and I am very excited to finally be able to share the pics with you guys :) The shoot features myself as Cheryl Tunt covered in LSD laced gummi bears & Dr. Krieger, complete with full beard. Also the LEGEND Tabitha Stevens as Malory Archer & Ray, Kayla Jane Danger as Archer, Selina Kyl as Pam Poovey, Princess Kora as Lana and Cyril Figgis. Check out the entire NSFW gallery up now only on WoodRocket.com XOX


James Loves Food - James Orders Everything at Del Taco