Wood Statements by Paul Kaptein

Sculptor Paul Kaptein slides, carves & assembles laminated wood panels to build wordless statements about our current world.

Paul’s desire to work in wood seems perfectly natural to me. That Paul has decided to use laminated wood only enhances this feeling – the panels slip and slide, creating their own holes which exasperate the gaps in the fabric of the universe. The spaces allow us time to catch our breath. Paul’s work, though remixing the present, gives us (at least) two turns to capture the moment.
- Dr. Ric Spencer

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Ladder for Booker T. Washington, 1996

Martin Puryear

A master woodworker who studied carpentry, Martin Puryear makes expressive sculpture that often reveals a humble focus on human touch and the craft tradition of woodwork. The artist has created a number of works that relate to African American history, including Ladder for Booker T. Washington.

Washington, one of the most powerful and controversial African Americans at the turn of the century, advocated self-advancement through discipline and hard work. However, he rejected the pursuit of politics and social equality for black Americans in favor of developing vocational and domestic skills. Although he was well-respected within the African American community at large, Washington’s viewpoints were adamantly opposed by some African American intellectuals, who believed that without being politically active, significant equal rights and economic gains were unattainable. The ladder has multiple associations, and Puryear’s homage to Booker T. Washington might include several of these—ambition, hierarchy, or the impossibility of reaching the top.


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