hornpipeprincess asked:

i just wanted to let you know that i got an A on the paper that i used one of your posts for (properly cited of course) the paragraph that you were cited in even got the note "well researched!" so thank you and keep up the good work <3 !!!

That is so awesome to hear! Congrats, and my best wishes towards your future academic success!

Walk into the bank like waddup I got a big gun. I’m so pumped up bought some shit from the Gage shop, Ice on the fringe It’s so damn frosty, all the civvies be like damn, that’s a cold ass honkey. Rollin’ in hella deep heading to the sec room dressed in all grey ‘scept my black shoes. Draped in all ICTV civvies cowering next to me. Probably shoulda washed this, smell’s like blood and Dozer guts. But shit, it was 4 skillpoints, stealin’ it, shootin’ it, bout’ to get all that cash, passin up on that family heirlooms for shit Bain be wantin’ it.

nblomblr asked:


YES SHE IS. I seriously can’t stand it.  I mean I almost want to time-warp her back to my middle school and show her off to the mean kids.  Watch them stop their spoons mid-way to their mouths and the pudding slowly fall off the edge.  I’ll do the Harlem shake right in their face while making eye contact the whole time.

— J.S.

This blog just turned 1!

One of my dear followers just informed me that this blog’s officially one year old! I’ve only been here a few months at most but thank you for all your support, much love and Happy New Year to you all! :)

Luciano pulled a face as he looked inside the cage, eying the leopard inside warily. New cats were never easy to break in; they were too untrustworthy and used to independence. “This is gonna hurt a lot…” He mumbled, sighing as he left the tent, giving the cat one last look before he closed the tent.

"Lions would be so much easier.." The tamer huffed a bit, before his eyes narrowed slightly. There was a stranger nearby. "Who’s there?" He called out.

Alright, dudes! So we finally made our decisions, and they were hard, but we’ve chosen the members!! Congratulations to all those who got in!

Again, congratulations! And don’t forget to track the tag #cellabratenet and follow all other members!!! Thank you to everyone who applied, and please don’t feel bad if you didn’t get in — We’ll all be doing many more networks, so there’s a place for everyone!! xoFrnk [except not frank, it’s just ava trying to be cool ok bye]

If you're ever running out of ideas for askblog updates, try this list!

Answer a question:

  • in the dark! (power went out? Staying up late? Out for a walk?)
  • with bubbles somewhere in the picture! (bath? washing clothes/dishes?)
  • underwater! (swimming? Comedically flooded bathroom?)
  • through a side character! (main in the bathroom? Sleeping?)
  • really quickly! (character in a hurry? Nervous? On the phone?)
  • really slowly! (does your character ramble? Does it annoy/bore?)
  • While doing something else! (cooking dinner? Restocking shelves? Cleaning something?)
  • but have your character sneeze mid-way!
  • while your character’s distracted!
  • when your character has their mouth full!

I keep a list of little ideas on my desk in case I need to freshen things up on ickle’s blog, and some of the best updates have been the result of these sorts of lists. *twirls off into the night sky*