Robin Windsor’s Strictly Come Dancing verdict: Pixie Lott let her high …

Hello Strictly fans! Welcome to my weekly verdict on Strictly Come Dancing here at Mirror TV. Pixie Lott was never in my radar of being anywhere near the bottom two. Unfortunately, she ended up in the bottom two with what I would consider to be her [Read More]

Oooooh! Newly single Caroline Flack confesses she has a secret crush on a fellow Strictly contestant [celebrity-news-tonight.tumblr.com]
When we heard newly single Caroline Flack had confessed to a crush on one of her fellow Strictly contestants, our minds were racing.

Oh my God, the Strictly curse!
Oh my God, she loves her dance partner Pasha Kovalev!
Wait, does she fancy judge Bruno Tonioli?!

But none of these were true - and actually, the reality is waaaay weirder.

‘Do you know what? Out of all the men, I would say I really like Tim Wonnacott from Bargain Hunt,’ she revealed.

Hang on, Caz. Are we talking about the same Tim Wonnacott? You know, the 63-year-old, moustached, voted-out-in-week-three-because-he-could-barely-move Tim Wonnacott?

‘I’m not joking, he was so charming! So, so charming every time I saw him,’ she protested.

Well, we didn’t expect that one. Good work, Tim!

Caroline recently split from boyfriend of 18 months, Jack Street after it came to ‘a natural end’ according to a source: ‘She is absolutely devastated about her and Jack splitting up. It came to a natural end and was a mutual decision that they both agreed was for the best. No one else is involved on either side.’

However, Caroline has fully embraced her Bridget Jones moment, philosophising via Twitter:

It’s not bad to be sad.’

Caroline recently sent a cryptic Tweet to Jack though that suggests things might not be so amicable between the pair right now.

It started when Jack tweeted:

Vote @carolineflack1 6625210. You’d be silly not to.’

But Cazza was having none of it, replying:

Easing your guilt??? Fill yourself with glee jack.’

Caroline later deleted the Tweet.

Whether the 26-year-old presenter is ‘sad’ or not, she’s keeping busy with Strictly rehearsals for the upcoming final this weekend. And it’s a good job, as she’s favourite to win - hurrah!

Frankie Bridge is the second favourite, Simon Webbe third with Mark Wright falling behind in last place.

Oooh, we hope Tim Wonnacott makes an appearance - who knows what The Flack will do?!

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