Klaroline AU | Klaus and Caroline as 1930s Noir!Spies

Another ringer with the slick trigger finger for Her Majesty
Another one with the golden tongue poisoning your fantasy
Another bill from a killer, turned a thriller to a tragedy (x)


Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving


klaroline appreciation week › day one › why i ship them

klaroline, for me, started out as a crackship that i largely blame kristina for. she put the idea in my head, linked me to a fic, and i was a goner after that. we both starting putting together manips and graphics which eventually led to a blog and then fics and it’s all history from there~

from the onset, i was intrigued by the pairing simply because caroline and klaus were two of my favorite characters. but also the more i looked at them, you see these similarities. the stubbornness especially, the snark, the fire and i LOVED that and could only imagine how that would play out if they ever interacted. i wanted them to challenge each other, to feel that hatred and passion in a relationship. i also really loved the idea of caroline giving into her bloodlust and becoming a killer, because it didn’t take her that long to suppress the urge but it was something she initially gave in to so easily because no one was there to guide her and i loved the idea of klaus being the person to manipulate her into becoming that monster again.

i like angst and tragedy, what can i say? she would hate him and he’s really incapable of loving, and i adore that too. the more we saw of them, the more we saw they were alike and i think that’s something else caroline would hate because she would slowly become that monster, believe she was that monster, see herself in klaus, and hate him more for it just as much as she was drawn to him for it in the passion and lust of it all.

yanno, in the end, i will always have my headcanon for klaroline and in it they are really twisted, dark, obsessive, violent, and everything the show really hasn’t made them. and i love getting to see them interact on the show but regardless my headcanon will live on and it’s what fuels my love for them most.

TRACING POEMS ON YOUR BODY | Klaroline, Erotic Poetry, Oneshot

Author: fadingtales
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Ship: Klaus/Caroline
Summary: By virtue of some sensual E.E. Cummings, Caroline realizes that while she may be familiar with courtship, she has never been properly seduced.

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The Definition of Beautiful | A Klaroline Oneshot

Title: The Definition of Beautiful
Author: fadingtales (fadingtales.tumblr.com)
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Ship: Klaus/Caroline Forbes
Summary: Caroline had ventured out into the woods to reveal Klaus’s true nature, only to discover something about herself instead.

A/N: This fic is based on my own tags/personal headcanon for these TVD season 4 stills. Also this is un-beta’d since it’s just a short oneshot. Hope you guys like it! =)

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The Devil's Currency | Chapter 9

Title: The Devil’s Currency
Author: fadingtales
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Ship: Klaus/Caroline/Stefan
Summary:When Klaus catches Caroline following him, he offers her a bargain for the younger Salvatore. But when you trade with the devil, you have to deal with the devil’s currency.

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A/N: This is soooo belated and I’m so sorry for the wait guys! RL has been hectic and I’ve been a real procrastinator. Hopefully, this chapter will make up for it. I made it extra-long and hopefully it will tide you guys over until I get my head outta my butt and start updating more regularly. Please note that this chapter is unbeta’d because I wanted to pub it quickly since you all have been waiting for an update for so long. I will eventually go back and edit it better but there WILL be mistakes! I’m trying to focus on getting more of the story out than I am with editing at this point because there’s sooo many great upcoming scenes I want to share with you guys and lots of interesting plot twists coming up that I’m excited about! Anyways, thank you for all your support and I hope you enjoy. =)

Chapter Nine

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title: we are both monsters
pairing: klaus/caroline (the vampire diaries)
rating: r
notes: this is a little darker take on klaroline (specifically klaus) because it’s always my favorite. first time writing smut ever, but i had a lot of fun getting into character with these two. points to you if you can spot the quote i stole.

"You’ve mistaken me for a man with patience." His voice is hard and masks his barely concealed rage. In spite of herself, Caroline cowers and falls silent. He’s at the side of the bed faster than she could even blink, taking her chin in his hands in a harsh grip. "You somehow manage to persist in vexing me. I did warn you what would happen." Caroline whimpers softly, trying to steel herself and remain expressionless but the fear is creeping in. Just as quickly, Klaus’ touch turns gentle and he slides a thumb gently over her cheek in a caress. "I can always take what I want. I had hoped you’d come to your senses before that."

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