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Do You Believe in UFOs? | Wonderopolis

Alleged UFO sightings are not a purely modern phenomenon. Experts note that sightings of “mystery airships” have occurred since the late 1800s. Interest in UFOs increased greatly during World War II, when American fighter …

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Wonderopolis is this very cool page for youn curious scientists, go chek it out!

This past week, a video I posted on my Vimeo over two years ago, suddenly began to accumulate plays at an increasingly rapid rate (over 500 during the day).  A little digging found that the video, MARBLES, had been posted on Wonderopolis, an educational site, as part of their Wonder of the Day series.  Quite the honor!  I’ll take unsolicited exposure any day of the week, and the site itself was interesting to boot.

Pictured above is where all the plays came from.  The internet’s an amazing place.

What Does it Mean to "Stand Up"?

Wonderopolis says, “To stand for something means you give it your wholehearted support”. (, but how does a person give 100% to any cause or organization? Our world today is filled with so many grey areas that black and white don’t even exist anymore. 

When I think of the events that happened recently in Ferguson I am torn. I am very sad that a boy died. I am sad that the situation that took place didn’t follow the due process of the law. I feel sorry for this boy’s family and all that they had to go through. Do I think the boy was innocent? I don’t feel that I have the credibility to answer that question. I wasn’t present at the shooting. All I have to base my opinion on is what the police officers and the witnesses have to say, but when everyone has a different story who do you believe? I am upset that this boy dies when there could have been other options. Maybe this situation did call for protest. Maybe it did call for people to be aware of what happened and for something to be done about it. However, I don’t believe that it called for senseless violence. I’m still trying too figure out what all that violence accomplished. What did vandalism of shops and cars do to make up for a boys death? Once the protesters turned violent then of course the police had to and that just puts us right back at the beginning issue throwing us into a circle of violence. There is no right way to handle this situation. It’s too much of a grey area.

Grey areas aren’t only in politics. We have made so many advances in medicine but some people’s religions don’t condone certain medical practices. If you had the ability to help someone wouldn’t you do everything in your power to do so? Is it within your power to change their religious views? What if it was a 15 or 16 year old who needed the treatment, but their parents won’t allow it? Should the child have the right to decide for themselves or should it fall under the parents jurisdiction because legally they are in charge of their child. Is the parent being cruel to withhold treatment from their child? Is this parent murdering their child through default? Or is this parent just doing what they believe in?

Before you stand up for a cause and wholeheartedly invest yourself in it, take some time to research it. I bet you’ll find that there are somethings that you don’t agree with. Maybe you’ll be able to overlook that small detail and still stand up, or maybe you’ll realize that the cause is not what you thought it was. 

Personally, I find it hard to fully invest myself in of side of an argument. I have very strong morals and I know exactly what I believe in, but one of my morals that I feel strongly about is free will. I will forever live by what I believe in but I will not force anyone else to live by what I believe in. That would take away their free will. 

Wonderopolis always has a quick link to their Wonder-of-the-Day on the top of their emails, and it’s always followed by “Enjoy!”

Today’s combo worked particularly well.