Super Idols!

I saw a request to nalizzy for female idols as super heroes. I didn’t do remotely every super heroine ever, so if you have a request, I guess you can ask and I’ll try!

Mamamoo Hwasa as Captain Marvel. Known for being athletic, strong, and fiery, Hwasa was a perfect choice!

2ne1 Minzy as Black Widow. She’s flexible and feisty, Minzy would be a great spy.

Afterschool Nana as Wonderwoman. Wonderwoman is a giant Amazon woman, and Nana is one of the tallest Kpop females out there. On top of that she proved how tough she is with their rigorous “First Love” performances.

Wonder Girls Yenny as Raven. She showed us all with her solo debut that she’s a little darker and more intense than we thought, so she makes the perfect choice for Raven.

CLC Sorn as Starfire. She’s multilingual and has a lively personality. Not to mention, she’s a foreigner to Korea, just like Starfire is to Earth.

f(x) Victoria as Catwoman. She’s flexible, acrobatic, and can mold herself into any situation, taking charge with humor or seduction.

SNSD Seohyun as Scarlet Witch. Mature beyond her years and with a love for studying, she’s a good choice.

I hope you all enjoy!

I wonder what the Duggar girls sleep in/slept in pre-marriage. They say they’re not used to wearing pants but you can’t wear a skirt to bed and the only nightgowns long enough for their standards tend to be made for old women. Wouldn’t want to get up for water in the middle of the night and defraud your brothers.

Striking is the girl with the earth-colored hair. Her eyes have me mesmerized. Imagining her silhouette dancing in the dark has me wishing for more than just words on a page of my thoughts, and yet it’s those thoughts and words of her that have reminded me that I am not with her. I cannot cease these wonderings, and the grey matter of my mind turn blue. Only she has the power to change it back, and it’s the warmth of her whisper on my neck that I find myself thinking of next.

My Best Friend’s Wedding Part 10

The final part is here!!!!

I want to thank every single one of you who have read and enjoyed this story with me, thanks for keep hanging on and showing your love ;)

We’ve get to the end of this journey and I hope you like the last part of it and that you don’t feel disappointed by the way I chose to end it… I just loved the movie so much that I couldn’t help it… Just kidding, I said, it won’t end like the movie and It doesn’t, just read and you’ll see…

So… Hartbig, SFF/SFW, 2000+ words, as always ALL SWEET LITTLE LIES.

All yours…

She’s really a wonderful girl, and I just treated her like crap yesterday…. I need to apologize to her; we need to talk properly… Sort this out…“

Grace just nodded.

She has to accept it, she had lost and Shoshanna had won, that was it… She closed her eyes in the knowledge she had ruined, perhaps the last moments she could spend with Hannah properly and on their own; now she felt small and lost, and knowing that Hannah wouldn’t be there to pick her up, like she used to, made her feel even lonelier.

“What else were you expecting Grace??… Of course she would want to apologize to her; we’re talking about Hannah Hart, little nugget can’t be mean to anybody…” The redhead said in a calm but serious tone.

Grace was laying face down on the bed, face buried in the pillows and blonde locks sprawled all over.

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anonymous asked:

top five titans

1) star fire
2) raven
3) beast boy
4) kid flash
5) wonder girl