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Most of my clothes are from The Row and if I’m not wearing The Row, then it’s something that I saw in their closet. I’ll say ‘Can I borrow this?’ and they’ll be like, ‘Just take it.’ They have extensive, beautiful wardrobes. I’m always wondering, ‘God damn, how do they figure that looks so good?’ I can’t pull off some of the things they wear. They’re classier and more interesting while I’m a pretty basic dresser.”

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Hi saccstry just wondering if you can post more of your candy/cookie sweets I miss those a lot ;( and how big is your sweet tooth?

Buying candy online is expensive so I haven’t been doing it as much lately :c Just eating candy I can buy around here! Especially Lindor truffles I love them so muuuch. Here’s a tip if you’re buying the mini pack, look through the little window in all of them and you’ll usually find one that accidentally has 4 truffles instead of the usual 3. Example from my last truffle hunt:

*breathes inappropriately at this picture*

So, I wrote a gift thing for youguysimserious and machawicket who I blame thank for making me obsessed introducing me to Arrow. I just wanted to say a quick thanks for being so nice and for all the wonderful story recommendations. I have an almost endless amount of reading for summer. Any way, this is a little Summer Travel AU. I used to work at the House of the Mouse and you’d be so surprised what people will do… x Jen

Things that’ll get you banned from Disney World

“Those ears look good on you.”

Felicity smiled and cut her eyes in Oliver’s direction. Her tongue swirled around the almost finished, melting ice cream cone as she surveyed him.

“Should’ve got yourself a pair.”

“Nah,” he leaned back against the bench where they were seated, pulling lightly at ends of her newly shorn hair. “I wouldn’t look quite as cute as you do in them.”

“But you would look cute.”

“Of course.”

Felicity laughed and licked a line of chocolate ice cream dripping down her thumb. Every day of their little road trip adventure, she was discovering a new side to Oliver. Sure, there was still so much to deal with, a lot of angry conversations in their future, she had no doubt.

But this? She hadn’t expected this fun and playful side, or the side of him that was willing to just sit down and relax.

“Now, that’s something I think you’d look great in.”

Felicity’s eyes followed his gaze toward where a pretty brown skinned girl stood, dressed as Princess Jasmine, a very dapper Aladdin at her side.

“There’s so much wrong with you, I don’t even know where to start.”

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Hi I love your blurbs and such and I was wondering if you could do a Disney blurb where the boys are Disney characters

thank you!! I gasped when I saw this request lol I hope I do your idea justice :)

michael would climb into your window late at night and plop down on your bed, the silhouette of his parted lips being illuminated by the moon. “come on y/n, it’s time for an adventure,” he would shout-whisper, shaking you until you responded to him. “we’re gonna get you out of here and away from your parents. you’ll be safe with me, baby. I promise. fly with me?” you bit your lip as you thought about his proposition, soon giving in with a simple nod. michael’s red lips grew into a smile as he reached for your hand, twirling you around before stepping on the window sill with your fingers intertwined. “you and me forever, baby.”

“I’ve always wanted a life different than my own,” calum sighed, taking in the scenery of the palace below. “just to make something of myself, you know?” you nodded as you stared at the handsome man sitting next to you on the magic carpet, admiring his messy dark hair and brown eyes. “but, god, y/n- this just feels right, being here with you. you’re my whole new world, you know that, right? I just want to share it with you.” you smiled at the boy you had quickly fallen in love with, leaning forward to press your lips against his as you felt fireworks going off inside of you, the indescribable feeling ending the night perfectly.

luke’s eyes lit up as he saw all of the lanterns floating into the night sky. the sight was absolutely breathtaking, but it didn’t compare to the view of the girl sitting right in front of him. he couldn’t help but stare at the way your long hair was perfectly swept to the side, a smile softly tugging at your lips as your childhood dream came true. you looked back over at luke to catch him staring at you, immediately looking away as his cheeks blushed a light shade of red. you giggled at his reaction, taking his hand and scooting closer. “thank you for this, luke,” you whispered before leaning in and kissing him. luke’s eyes widened as he felt your lips push against his, but his eye lids soon fluttered shut as he kissed you back, making the night even more special for you.

“no chance, no way! I’m not gonna say it,” you scoffed, turning your back to ashton as he followed you out of the garden. “why deny it? you’re in love, y/n. it’s okay,” he sighed, lightly grabbing your shoulders and forcing you to face him. you tugged at your bottom lip as you studied the boy with long, curly hair, your eyes shifting to his huge biceps that were glistening in the sun. your heart raced at the thought of kissing his lips that were now inches away from your face. your hand wrapped around the back of ashton’s neck as you pulled him closer to you, connecting your lips with a kiss full of passion you didn’t know you had in you. when you pulled away, ashton was grinning at you, which didn’t help the excessive slamming of your heart against your chest. at least out loud… you won’t say you’re in love. 

ashley’s song (interlude)

twists purple dye into her hair
and licks the ink from her fingers;
it tastes toxic,
but not as toxic as the screams
from her mother,
     —which will come.
Which will come.

I’ve never asked her why she
works paint into her curls
the way people work their hands
into a lover’s back,
but it makes her happy,
I hope;
I hope she’s happy.

Her mood often snaps
like an elevator in freefall,
so if turning her hair
into a bouquet of flowers
makes her smile,
then I’ll buy an indigo plantation
and pick the dripping purple leaves myself.

I’d love to tell her this,
but as long as Mercury spins in retrograde,
as long as I don’t “do” feelings,
as long as I get a thrill
from making her question—
then I won’t even mention her hair.
Let her wonder.

Maybe later, sometime later,
when I don’t care
what she thinks that I think,
when her hair has absorbed
every color of the rainbow,
then I’ll ask her forgiveness
for my ego
and show her my indigo.

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Ally!! I'm doing my senior project on veganism and constructed a video with quotes and pictures of animals from the farm sanctuary I volunteered at. I'm having trouble choosing a song—something happy and uplifting. Do you have any thoughts? x

What a great idea!

Hmm how about:

Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles
What A Wonderful World
Waiting on the World to Change
Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer or Ben Howard
Hold You In My Arms by Ray Montagne (so beautiful)
I’ll Be There by the Jackson 5
Just Stand Up
The Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson
Heal The World by Michael Jackson
Earth Song by Michael Jackson (AMAZING song though maybe not uplifting enough haha?)

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The way No.6 ended,it's killing me slowly.I mean,i am not gonna die in piece i will be like "did my otp finally reunited or what?",it will be eating me inside my grave.who the hell ends a story like this!1!!!

do what i do: imagine a scenario in your head where you find nezumi somewhere and kick his ass and then yell at him to go back to shion - he’ll probably look annoyed as hell, but it’ll do wonders.

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Not only is your tbt and markiplier art amazing, but your non related artwork and typography and such is beautiful! I love your art, and I hope you never give it up ever. You continue to make me and others smile every day hon. Have a wonderful day love <3

((ohhhh thank you, so much, i’m glad that you like what i do :> i won’t be giving up on art until my extremities have shriveled up and locked up on themselves… and even then, i’ll hold a pencil in my mouth or something. i can only hope i’m good enough to get a great job (sooner than later, preferably lol). but again, thank you, i appreciate it a whole bunch!))

For those wondering why I didn’t put up any new pages to Tusks, I wasn’t quite happy with how the style really looked so I went ahead and redid the entire page. As you can see, more effort was put into it. I’ll see what I can do about page 2.

So, this is where i’m seated at the Brisbane 1989 show, Section 324 Row 4 Seats 11 and 12!

What is the likelyhood of getting chosen to go to Loft ‘89 from up in the stands where i’ll be seated? Of course I will be dressing up and being crazy but do I have no hope? I will obviously not be spending the duration of the concert worrying about it, I will be dancing like crazy, but I was just wondering if there was a chance my friend and I could get in to Loft ‘89?

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I was wondering if you had any advice as a writer, for artists looking to get into comics? Especially artists without any official training?

Read comics. Read lots of comics.  See what artists are doing.

Read books like “Understanding Comics” and “Making Comics” by Scott McCloud.  Not only do they teach you useful things about making comics, but they’ll teach you lots of the terminology of comics.

If you want to draw comics, make sure that you are doing sequential art.  Even if you’re just redrawing a published comic from a script or drawing something from yourself, you owe it to yourself and any writer you work with to know you can do sequentials, to know how long it takes you, and to have experience doing the thing that you want to do.  Pinups are nice, but sequentials use difference muscles.

i’m a anon hoarder ;-; sorry. still sick and weak and a bit lazy cause of that. never had a cold last this long before.. also i have these tiny red spots on my legs, arms and stomach that kinda look like blood vessels are breaking under the skin (゜-゜) aheh, #tmi and also #soyoungandhealthy

replies under the cut  ♥

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This is my stunning girlfriend, we’ve been together 2 years one month and 6 days and she is my absolute world. It was her birthday yesterday so I took her flowers, a balloon and extra presents.

This girl is everything to me and we had an amazing night and hopefully soon we’ll be spending every night together. She’s clearly beautiful, she’s funny, kind, gentle, talented and smart, and everything you could ever want in a person. She’s the kindest and most wonderful person I’ve ever come across and I couldn’t be prouder to be able call her mine. I would do absolutely anything for her and be whatever she needed and I’ll hopefully spend my life keeping her safe. She makes me the happiest person in the world and knows exactly how to cheer me up and treats me like a princess.

I hope you had a great night babe. I love you millions (+1)

She’s at http://rising-fr0m-the-gr0und.tumblr.com

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Hey I know people are stupid but does really no one write anything positive to you anymore? It just seems all hate mail. If so I am sorry that you have to put up with that and I hope the rest of you day/night is wonderful. :)

Haha yeah, people do write nice things, I’m just too shy to respond half the time. Like I’ll start responses and then just let the messages pile up in my drafts. Now’s probably a good time to tell those people (inc you!) how much I appreciate nice messages. :)

10 happy months with my wonderful man ❤ the happiest 10 months of my life, I can’t wait to discover what adventures we’ll do next! :)

How To Save A Life Part.3 ( Fred Weasley Imagine) Requested

As he begins to raise his voice

You lower yours and grant him one last choice

Drive until you lose the road

Or break with the ones you’ve followed

He will do one of two things

He will admit to everything

Or he’ll say he’s just not the same

And you’ll begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong? I lost a friend

Somewhere along in the bitterness

And I would have stayed up with you all night

Had I known how to save a life


Fred sprinted through the brimming corridors, dodging in and out of students of all sort. Few here and there threw curse words back to Fred but he paid no mind and continued on his pathway to Taylor and his old hiding spot, having a gut wrenching feeling that’s where she’s be.

Faces passed by him like cars on a highway, all having different final destinations on their minds but still going somewhere. All Fred longed for was to hold Taylor in his arms, but first he had to win her back.

Sliding by the large scaled open windows, Fred’s breathing became shallow and hitched; he was merely there and still hadn’t come up with a single explanation for his irrational decision. Thoughts raced his mind but his precious time was cut to an abrupt end as he approached a figure hunched over a window staring out at the open landscape, waist deep in their own messy thoughts. Taylor. Fred could point her out from any crowd, despite the small enclosed spacing being practically empty besides the two. Her distinctive blonde hair and delicate shoulders and fragile frame stuck out like a black sheep in a heard of all white. She was beyond the explanation of beautiful and everyone in the school knew this, Fred did too, he never had a hard time telling her and pointing out the obvious that she was so insecure about. But times were different now for the both of them.

Taylor was no longer Fred’s girl just as Fred was no longer Taylor’s one and only. Although she still sternly had feeling for him, it wouldn’t be an easy route to go back to the way they used to be.

Taking gentle steps forward, Fred stealthily sneaked up on the girl cautious for the fact that if she saw him, Taylor would most likely escape before he had the chance to explain. Taylor kept silent, his presence going distinctively unnoticed on her part. Fred steadily came up on her left, blocking the only exit with his body and spoke,

“Taylor… can we talk?” Jumping about a mile high in the air, the startled girl whipped around coming face to face with her ex-lover, a hand glued to her chest. To say she was caught off guard would be an understatement but that was how Fred wanted it to be. Her throat was dry like the Arabian Desert and her judgment cloudy like the gloomy skies.

“Fred, uh, what… I mean what’re you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with your dearest little-“Taylor shut up the second she saw a tint of red rise to Fred’s cheeks. She recognized his sudden change in features and knew the odd look all too well.

“You love her don’t you? That’s why you broke up with me, so you could be with her. Are you serious right now, Fred? After all we’ve been through you just drop me like I’m nothing to you, like I’m useless.” Standing dangerously close to the Weasley twin, Taylor scoffed full of bitterness. Muttering a few missed words she leaned up against the wall waiting for him to talk but nothing came out.

“I can’t believe you right now. If she’s the reason you left me, I think I have the right to know.” Fred shook his head, unable to sting the right words together and time was running out all too quickly. Taylor was slipping from his grip yet again. Everything was falling apart for the second time, such a Déjà vu moment for the scattered brained Weasley  child and he couldn’t afford for it work out the same way it did the first time. No. This time, he had to make things right. This time he wouldn’t allow himself to let her go.

Grabbing her arm in a soft matter but still firm enough to twist her towards him Fred started in with a booming voice,

“Taylor I know I’m the last person you want to talk to but please just listen to me. There is no way in hell that I could ever be in love with Angelina. She’s uptight, strict at times, clingy not in the good way might I add, and hates when I play jokes. So how the hell could I fall in love with a girl who doesn’t even accept me for who I am when I’ve got a beautiful girl like you on my mind, who joins in on the jokes and is the one asking me to prank other. That guy… that asshole that broke your heart, Taylor that’s not me. I could never hurt you like that. I can’t give you a logically explanation for what I did because I don’t have one and even if I did, it still wouldn’t be good enough. Breaking up with an angel like you will haunt me for the rest of my life that much is true. But I can promise you right now, from here on and till the day that I die, every day will be devoted to winning you back and if I die without you in my arms, I’ll have the pleasure of knowing I spent my life chasing after the one thing I truly love. That’s you Taylor. Please…”

Tears lined up her eye lids but she owned too much pride to let them fall to the floor. No. She couldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing her hurt and in pain because of him. So, she stuck to her head ignoring her heart and but feeling,

“Fred, I’m sorry but I can’t go through that again, I just can’t. I hope you can understand.” Leaving it short and bittersweet for herself, agonizing and plain old bitter for Fred. Taylor snatched her book bag from the stone floor and squeezed past the dazed Fred leaving through the west wing doors, hoping to make it back to the common room before Fred. Fred and George Weasley knew almost every short cut and secret passage way in the school so not a doubt in her mind told Taylor Fred hadn’t the ability to beat her out, but his footsteps didn’t follow nor echo, though his voice did,

“Oh and Taylor there was one more thing. You were right, about um… Romeo and Juliet was it? I wanted to own up and admit you were right about the play. It is romantic and sweet but it shouldn’t be as publicized and applauded as it was and is, I mean yeah they were young and in love and had so much to live for. Suppose they were brave for taking their lives. But I just wanted you to know, that if that was you and I in that positon, and I were to find you dead in your tomb… I’d do the same as Romeo without hesitation. I have no problem with giving up my life in order for you to live and I certainly would if any situation came to it. I love, Taylor. With every, bone, muscle, nerve, blood cell, drop of magic in me, I love you and I can promise you despite if you feel the same way back or not, I won’t ever stop. I’ll take our love to the grave.” This time the damn holding back her salty waterworks busted open and Taylor sunk to the floor in grief. Fred came to her side the second she hit the ground and held her close, scanning her body for wounds of any sort but found nothing. With a shaky voice and tears tracing her cheeks Taylor slapped him lightly on his chest,

“No silly their not there, it hurts here.” She brought his hand to lie gracefully over her heart and rested her head tiredly on his shoulder. She was deadbeat from all the fighting, all the stressing, and missing of Fred. Taylor could care less about the past; all that mattered to her was the present and her future with Fred, the only one she ever loved. Deep down, she contemplated on arguing about his relationship with Angelina and asking why he’d rushed them in so soon and rapidly but she figured that talk could be set aside and saved for another day. Fred placed feather like kisses on her cheeks, forehead, and temples every minute or so that passes by trying everything in his power to calm the hysteric girl down but three small words that came from her mouth made him do a double take and smile,

“I love you, Freddie and I forgive you for everything, even though you were an ass to me.”

“Thank you, darling. Now let’s get you to bed. I don’t think either of us have gotten a wink of sleep lately, am I right?” Fred chuckled, lifting Taylor up and carrying her bridal style expecting to see a glowing smile printed on her pretty face but instead was greeted by a snoozing Taylor whom had clearly dozed off not too long before. Light snores fell from her parted lips and Fred smiled down fondly,

“I love you, princess. See you when you wake.”

-Daizy xxx

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I see you have the same theme as me, but I was wondering how do you make a submit box? Or a link to it? (I'm not so familiar with tumblr) Thanks!

Okay! I’m not so good with explaining things.. but I’ll do my best to try and help! ^w^ here I go!

Okay so first, you gotta make sure you can actually submit! so~
go to you’re account settings and click that little box to make it blue! like so:

Now people can submit to you! ^^

The link in you’re case will be “christianhedgie.tumblr.com/submit”

Now to add the link on you’re page.. go to “edit theme” at the upper right hand corner of you’re page and click that bad boy!

Scroll down for a bit and then you’ll see this!
This is the place you can as many links as you want ^^
so for example:
Link 1: Submit
Link url: christianhedgie.tumblr.com/submit

after you’re done with this just click save and BAM!.. it’s on you’re page

I really hope this helped! ^//^;