So I struggled with drawing anime a few days ago. All for some Christmas art for my beautiful sister and her bf, who would make some pretty neat Pokemon trainers (if you ask me). 


I hope everyone had a warm and cheerful Christmas holiday. After a long hiatus, I couldn’t decide on a single image to post, so here’s a colourful collection of local imagery from a trio of local artists. In order:

Manitoba Hardware submitted by Colin Campbell, Sunrise Market Evening by urbansketcher Won Kang, Winter at Woodwards by Won Kang, The Stanley Theatre by Sketchalina, The Only by Colin Campbell, and Dayton Boots by Sketchalina. The works by Sketchalina also happen to be on display at the Cultch Gallery until January 10, 2015. Also on display at this show are works by John Steil showing a series of woodcuts based on the Wallace Stevens poem “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”, and Atty Gell has series of works on Trout Lake Park.