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Is your whole life just dedicated to anti-feminism? What a shock a white man doesn't believe in feminism! Maybe it's time you put on your big boy pants and grow the fuck up and realize why women need feminism. Take a note from the girl you're HARASSING, maggot shit.

Nope a few minutes a day is enough to keep the evil at bay. What a shock, stupid immature deluded person believes in feminism. How juvenile, feminist using big words and making up childish lies as usual, cowardly anon’s with no point. If I was harassing by asking a question then so are you, more feminist hypocrisy. No interest in listening to reason, feminists just want to preach their hate messages to whomever may listen.

suewarrens answered you:

I support the old school feminism which got the vote and when feminists actually just wanted equal rights. Modern feminism is full of hate, hypocrisy, sexism, it’s just disgusting in every way blaming men for their shitty lives. Modern feminism is an insult to the original feminist movement and they would be ashamed of some of the things feminists say today.




Oh suewarrens the truth hurts doesn’t it ;) lol


No I support anti-feminism because I am anti-hypocrisy and anti double standards and pro-equality. Thankfully most people know the difference between right and wrong which is why feminism is a joke. Feminism is fueled by hate, like fascism and racism. That’s why most feminists call themselves angry feminists. They aren’t interested in social justice, just to vent the bitterness for their own shitty lives. Sorry, you’ve only got yourself to blame for your life.


I’m angry because not only do I deal with scum like you on a regular but now, I’m sitting here still dealing with your shit.

You are the one who followed this cunt.

Did you really just compare the feminist movement to Fascism and Racism?



loooooooooool that ending!! “Did you really just compare the feminist movement to Fascism and Racism?” Then that picture after it. Could anyone sum up feminism better than this person?! Yes, fascism is similar to feminism, summed up by your photo at the end. When someone stupid loses an argument they always end it by saying the person should kill themselves hahaha