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URL: change it/ ok/ good/ amazing/ perfect/ WHO DID YOU KILL

ICON: change it/ ok/ good/ amazing/ perfect/ OMFG ITS SO BEAUTIFUL

THEME: change/ ok/ good/ amazing/ perfect/ GIVE ME THE HTML NOW

POSTS: not my style/ ok/ good/ amazing/ perfect/ ASDFGHJKL

FOLLOWING: no sorry/ am now!/ yes ofc/ you’re never getting rid of me

Sorry for the crappy banner but to celebrate hitting 1.3K I’m having a Tumblr awards.


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  • 1 winner, maybe 1 runner up dependant on notes


  • Best URL
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  • Overall Favourite


  • post saying you’ve won
  • 3 promos
  • Something else (advice, blogrates, edit, promo etc)
blogrates (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

bc it’s been ages since i’ve done them and my about me page needs fixing

  • mbf david tennant’s wife (me obvi pssh)
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  • impersonate me in my ask box for my about me page (ex: “i’m lauren and david tennant is my husband ayaya”) for an extremely detailed blograte
  • or just send me this lil guy (▰˘◡˘▰) for a normal blograte
  • blacklist ‘lauren brs' to miss out on this partayyy
  • optional: enter my bots or network

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This is the first time I do one of this things alone, so be nice guys c;


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  • announce on the first week of october
  • 1 winner and 3 or 4 runners up (maybe more, i’m very undecisive sometimes)
  • must reach 35 notes or this will never happend

Winner receives

  • A follow back for me (if not already)
  • A place on my updates tab for all october
  • Unlimited promos for all october (request)
  • My love & friendship

Runners up receives

  • A follow back from me (if not already)
  • A place on my updates tab for all october
  • 5 requested promos in october