Premiering today and already 96% funded, “Ninjesus" by Mathiole and Rafael Pereira has quickly become one of the most popular submissions in our $20K design challenge!

Artists, we’ve just extended submissions to the $20K challenge by a week, so use this as an opportunity to get those not-quite-finished designs submitted!

Faux leather detail Doomlord variants for men & women, coming to the store in September!

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Sizes run from XXS to XXL
Please direct all questions to me at helmouthapparel[at]
I try to catch and respond to all of your comments here, but sometimes they scroll off my feed before I see them.
I apologize, but I cannot take custom orders at this time.
Visit the store at
Live link in profile info.

Follow @HelmouthApparel at (at The Hellmouth )

If hilariously random mashups are your thing, “Ministry of Silly Portal" by Marco Pedrazzoli is new this week and just one of hundreds of tees available for $12 until 5PM CT today!

Before you make your goofy stroll over to Threadless, have a good laugh while enjoying the video that helped inspire this design: