Women VS Health Care

There are many ways in which women are treated differently in the health care system.

For one thing women used to have to pay more for insurance due to the fact that they have a Vagina and can get pregnant. Also, the system contains “androcentrism, or male centeredness” creating a “drug-dose gender gap” in which medications are solely tested on men and side effects harm women.

There is also the case of women’s pain is not as significant as a man’s pain and “… that women were less likely to receive aggressive treatment when diagnosed, and more likely to have their pain characterized as ‘emotional’, ‘psychological’ and therefore not real.” 

The number one killer of women is not breast cancer, but Heart Failure. And no tests are occurring to change this. And no other heart medications are being tested on women, just men.

Men and Women have different hormone levels and different body masses. With medications that do not relate to the Women’s body, this can make a Women’s health even worse than not taking it at all.