A contest between two hard working teams left one team happy and the other heartbroken. I guess both teams can’t win but if they did all would be well in the world. Congrats to team USA for their gold medal. However i also want to congratulate the canadian women’s national team for exemplary effort on home ice tonight. It was sad to see the gold medal right in your sights and let it be taken right out of your hands. You women wowed the country with your hard work and i want you to know that your whole nation is standing behind you. You guys represent canadian women. Girls, you got the gold medal in 2010 olympics on home soil and i can guarantee that you ladies aren’t going to aim for less in Sochi 2014. I know the feeling you guys have right now isn’t something you thought you would be feeling but you’ll get em’ next time. I promise. Representing canadians on that world stage next year you’ll have your country’s support behind you. Wishing you guys the best. Xx