For those wondering where Yuru-tans been and why she deleted EVERYFUCKINGTHING, shes a female pro-wrestler now… intent on using her new platform to respark the gyaru boom. Ladies and gents, the Sifow of this generation. Yurutan, now known as Kotabuki Yuri.


The third contender in Princesses of Wrestling, Snow White embraces the dark side and trades her classic look for the Undertaker’s original WWF ring attire. With Grumpy Paul Bearer at her side, the Lady of Darkness will make certain that her enemies Rest. In. Peace.

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Sleeping Beauty - Ultimate Aurora

Casting Disney princesses as classic wrestlers, the second illustration in Princesses of Wrestling pays tribute to legendary WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior. The blood of the Warrior now passes through the body of others, making them bleed deeper, transforming Sleeping Beauty into ULTIMATE AURORA!

“I miss the Women’s championship. I miss when “divas” were called women wrestlers and the female talent. I miss when the women weren’t represented by a pink butterfly. I miss when women could get involved in story lines with men that weren’t all lovey-dovey. I miss inter-gender tag team matches. I miss women main eventing. I miss the women who had the passion to put 110% into wrestling every damn night and get better. I miss our old women’s wrestling division.”


Great Female Wrestling Stars

Someone asked for a caption. From top to bottom, left to right… 

The Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Lilly Thomas, Ethel Brown, Ida Martinez, Susan “Tex” Green, & Sandy Parker