How come it’s so easy for us to see beauty in others, but so hard to see it in ourselves?
—  by My-safe—haven

Classic Soul


so i bought this little black top thing today and im kinda in love with it but it also exposes me in a way i’ve never been comfortable with before. 

for years and years and years i have hated who i am and what my body looks like. i’ve started crying on shopping trips countless times because the store didn’t have my size or i couldn’t pull off trendy things because I’m a bit of a bigger girl. i’ve hated my body since i was in second grade. let me say that again, second grade. that means i’ve been hating my body for 11 years. being a bit bigger can be physically exhausting due to constant fear of judgement, being bullied, teased, made fun of and lots other things. 

see the problem is that society thinks people with bodies like mine need to get ‘fixed’ we constantly have shit like this shoved down our throats: "here get this weight loss surgery" "try this diet" "don’t eat" "this diet pill works great!" but honestly i don’t need to be fixed, i just need to feel accepted. 

i’ve spent 11 years of my life hating myself and my body. lately, I’ve done an incredible job loving my myself, but my body? no. i refuse to see myself this way anymore though. if I’m going to lose weight its going to be for no one but me. i use to think that being slim was the key to happiness but to be honest, i will probably never be slim in my whole life, its possible yeah, but idk if its going to happen. now i just think the key to being happy is doing things you love to do, not giving a fuck about what other people think and say, and lastly, loving and accepting yourself exactly the way you are. because you are fucking brilliant and beautiful and you don’t need to change yourself for anyone but you.