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Answer this with 10 random facts about yourself and pass it to your ten favorite followers

  1. I’m not really a sharer, so finding 10 facts might be hard. I’m a lot better talking about art than myself. That’s a fact! Well done me.
  2. I never finish any freakin video games, except Professor Layton/Ace Attorney games. Aside from those, probably the last one I fully finished was Pokemon Gold. This is why DotP is good for me, you can dip in and out. As a result of this I love MMOs.
  3. I sell books for a living. But I’d also love to sell art. (Commission list forthcoming. Plug plug.)
  4. When I was a teen, I always had a book on me and I read like crazy. Uni killed this for me, so I have to force myself to read now and not feel guilty about not using the time ‘more productively’. But books are productive. Yes.
  5. I love Dairy Milk, and I can’t eat Galaxy chocolate because it doesn’t feel like I ate anything even if I just consumed a 200g bar of the stuff. Waste of money for me!
  6. I think I like to bake cakes because its a step by step project one can complete with instant results, whereas art and writing is a constant uphill climb of not feeling good enough.
  7. BUT ALSO I LOVE FOOD. Not even just eating it. I like to know about it, and how it’s made, and who it’s for. Weirdo.
  8. I now compulsively alphabetise my bookshelf. And put my cards in colour and rarity and abc order. Work has broken me.
  9. I can art but I cannot: knit, crochet, sew anything beyond a button, do anything 3D or collage. I’m amazed by people who can.
  10. I collect art and cook books but I hardly ever look at them. I live off the BBC GoodFood website.

Holy hell I managed 10.

As a player of Magic: The Gathering I love games of strategy and chance. But what really brought me to play Magic was the beautiful art on the cards. Not only do they have beautiful art, they have short stories and in those stories you get a sense of these amazing, powerful and fierce women. And Magic:The Gathering has some of the most awesome women in fantasy like, elves, angels, vampire, gorgons, necromancers, orcs and so on. Also in the Magic community we have some of the most fiercest female players and hoping that we get more of them in the future.
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Last night at FNM we did the Ravnica block draft and I went Borzhov and went 2:1 losing in my last match against a Dimir deck.

My big wildcard was Boros Battleshaper and it was my first time using it. I loved the card but had to call the judge over like 5 times to clarify things. My Gatecrash pack was great and I was sad to pass a Spark Trooper to keep a foil Gyre Sage (yes for the sake of my matches probs should have kept the spark trooper but I had been wanting a gyre sage for a long time and I couldn’t just pass it let alone a foil one). My Ravnica rare was a steam vents which wasn’t helpful but at least a good card.

I ended up winning three packs and I picked Dragon’s Maze but none of them were really good with my rares being Possibility Storm, Vorel, and Zhur taa Ancient with no foils so kind of disappointing as far as prize packs go especially when the guy next to me pulled a foil Savageborn Hydra and another girl got a Blood Baron but I had been getting redic lucky with my packs the past few weeks so I suppose it was time for the pendulum to swing back. Still, had a lot of fun and am sad that I probably won’t be able to draft for a while for being busy reasons.

It's a day before Valentine's Day miracle Charlie Brown

After having a very difficult week I got myself 4 packs of Gatecrash yesterday and it was the best round of pulls I’ve ever gotten at one time. First one was Angelic Skirmisher, then Foundry Champion, then Treasury Thrull and the last pack was a Deathpact Angel.

I’ve been wanting to build a Borzhov deck and now I can! I wish I could explain how excited I was about the Deathpact Angel. For starters I’ve had TERRIBLE luck as far as getting mythic rares, like the odds have not been in my favor as far as the 1/8 rule goes for me it’s more like the 1/16 rule. Mainly though Deathpact Angel is my favorite card from Gatecrash art and flavor wise (though Burning-Tree Emissary is a close second but). Ever since I first saw it back in December it has been the one card I have been dying to have and has been my desktop background for the last month. I’m so happy that I pulled it instead of having to buy it as a single cause I love the allure of opening a pack and finding that one card you were hoping for.

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DGM hasn’t been too appealing to me for some reason, so I’ll probably stick to one box. I love the art for Exava, though. I’ll be getting the intro deck with her just to have her foil, like you. I can’t wait to see what all cool foils you have!

Though I had played some with my friends decks before then I really started buying cards and playing in December so I think part of why I am so pumped for Dragon’s Maze is that it’s my second release and I had exams so I wasn’t able to attend the Gatecrash pre-release. There are parts of the set I’m super excited for and parts I’m not. I think it’s going to be a fun draft format, I haven’t played with split cards so that should be interesting and I really like the guilds overall. But with the guild system comes the issue that for all your favorite guilds you are excited to play with there are ones you aren’t. For example my first draft ever was not really that fun for me because I got pushed into Dimir based on what others were drafting around me and I’m not a fan of blue. But then my second draft I was very solid with Borzhov (which was a fair amount of luck since my opening rares were aurelia, blind obedience and spark trooper).

Basically I’m looking at the set as something I feel has something for everyone and I am very excited about things that I know are for me if that makes any sense?