Epic comment on the matter of Ubisoft's lack of fem avatar choice.


I have just read one of the best comments in the world on this article… Bonnie Patterson I salute you.

"Because *** all this. Imagine a world that isn’t sexist as ****. Imagine a world where people don’t debate adding female characters. Imagine a world where the decision, instead, is whether for purposes of the story, to leave one gender or the other out. That would be a fair world, a representative one, where the question asked is “Is there a valid reason not to have men or women in this story?”

Because WE ARE HERE. We have ALWAYS been here. We have ALWAYS been just as smart, just as capable of being strong, just as able to fight. Sure, it takes training to surpass an average man, and a top female olympic athlete might not beat a top male athlete; in physical things, you have a jump-start at the bottom and peak higher. But physiologically, we have higher pain thresholds, are capable of surviving worse injuries and more resilient to hostile environments because having two X chromosomes gives us genetic redundancy for a lot of important things. We are not an invalid choice for game-type activities.

It shouldn’t be an effort to include us, it should be something you are doing anyway. “Oh hey, we are making a representation of the world; it’s called a game.” It should have women in. It should have women in that are not just there for you to fap to. It should be natural and if women aren’t there when you’re envisioning a world, there is something wrong with you. “

I’m so proud of these ladies for coming out to today’s #IGDAsac #GameJam. In a male dominated industry it can be difficult for women to leave their mark. All afternoon I heard Ally and Sarah making solid contributions to their new teams. Keep doing your thang girls! #videogames #IGDA #sacramento #mysacramento #tech #games #gamedev #indiedev #WomenInGames #GirlPower #canyoureally (at Capsity)

Women In Video Games Introduction: I Am A Gamer

In every sense of the word, I am a gamer. Playing games took up a large part of my day as a child, I miss meeting up with my best friend and my link cable so we could trade Pokémon and now that I’m an adult, this has not changed except now it has to be a more organised affair with LAN parties. My friends and I spent hours playing Contra, Mortal Combat 2, Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, Tekken, Megaman, Sonic, Mario Kart, Smash Bros (all other other Mario games too for that matter and countless others far too numerous to mention) and lately I find I play modern versions of the same titles with the addition of games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Arma 2 (3 too soon), Battle Field 3, Call of Duty Black Ops,  Team Fortress 2, I love the Mass Effect games and I’ve also revisited many other old PC games since then. I play RPG games, FPS, Puzzle based games, the style of cinematic story telling that I saw from games like Fahrenheit. I have this weird attachment to games and game characters, some of the digital journeys I have experienced have somewhat shaped my view of the real world, games like movies or books make me feel happy, sad, angry and there is actually a feeling of accomplishment. I remember when Mass Effect 3 was finally released, I had already played the other two on Xbox 360 with the same Sheppard and though I had figured out a way to transfer my Xbox game save to my PC I still wanted to do it all again, not just to experience it again but to experience it on PC. I’m primarily a PC gamer these days but nothing but love for Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, though the last Nintendo console I got really into was the Game Cube, to this day I refuse to mess around with a Numb chuck or Wiimote and I fear I may feel the same about the Wii U once I get my hands on it but make of it what you will, the games on Wii Sports were not only the first games that my twin sister really got into but the only games that she beat me at and played more than I did.

 So anyway, I got hold of the three games on PC, it was the end of spring/the start of the summer, the sun was shining outside as a cool summer breeze blew and I spent a little over four days in my room playing all 3 games sequentially, it was one of the best things ever. Each night when I went to sleep I would position Sheppard in the control room of the Normandy, turn the volume up on my speakers and go to sleep listening to the beep-boops of the control room and the hum of the Normandy herself. I think the first Mass effect game was my favourite but being reunited with Garus on Omega was sweet and the bro moment between the two on the citadel in number 3 is just as awesome but by  playing them essentially all at once meant that when I got to Mass Effect 3 I was in the frame of Sheppard, my sleeping pattern was off, I was a little tired at times and I just wanted it to end, not the game but the fight, the fight went on, planets were being sieged and people were dying. I felt Sheppard’s frustration, and distress at mass destruction particularly whilst playing the dream sequences where Sheppard moves through a hazy forest trying to find the young boy who was killed by a reaper laser before Sheppard’s eyes, only to awake to fight  Cerberus (who should  helping you!) whilst trying to gather allies to fight the real threat, the reapers. I completed the game and then immediately regretted playing it so quickly as this was the last outing with Sheppard. I am a gamer and forever will be.

There are many games out there which I will and could touch upon (some of the others above included) but I will only talk about games that I have actually played intimately because these are the only things I can honestly cover.

#stemetteoftheweek Sarah’s favourite part of STEM - “This is basically the meaning of life. This is how energy is created, how you are able to walk around day to day by just breathing and eating. I find it amazing how simple it looks when written down like this. Obviously during my degree we went into a lot more detail than this but sometimes it’s nice to step back and admire the basics.”
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