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Body Conditioning in Mountain View, CA

Been keeping tabs on classes in the Mountain View area? Here’s one: Body Conditioning with Steph at Serao Academy. Small group training for keeping close watch on your form while keeping your heart rate up.
Hurdle hopping with thai pads as a power move for the glutes and quads!

Wall climbing into modified handstands gets the whole upper half of the body engaged in addition to the core. This is a great addition to any shoulder workout, getting the entire shoulder complex involved. Going as high as you feel comfortable, this move works with your strength level and gets more complex as you get stronger!

Side squats incorporate stabilization of the hips to keep a smooth movement and strong support for running! We’re using dumbbells here to really get the glutes firing.

Reserve your free trial class with this link!

You can find us sweating up a storm and working on our endurance and strength a few mornings and lunchtimes during the work week to squeeze in your time to get fit. Check Steph’s class schedule to see where you fit.


I love this video. Absolutely love it. I found this video a few years back and recently just thought of it again as I was searching things about the over sexualization of women’s sports. This video was filmed sometime near or during the summer olympics and basically covers how some idiot guy wrote an article speaking about how the olympics make women look more manly. That portion of the article just tipped me right off the edge. 

No, the Olympics do not make women look more manly. The olympics showcase the talent, strength and athleticism of women when doing a sport. I think women always look graceful while being athletic. It may be the sense of power and strength I see in the women but I certainly do not believe there should be “style points” according to how feminine the female athletes look. 

Several misunderstandings of female fitness

In contrast, female participation in sports is lower than the proportion of male, last year the wide horse contestant’s gender ratio of 7 to 3, is a reflection of this phenomenon. Of course, before the movement is not gender differences, women should not only actively involved in sports, but also should walk a few big fitness misunderstanding:

First, many women worry, strength training will make the body becomes stout.

Sports medicine, exercise training can make the shape change, but the goal and mode of training body type are closely related. For example, professional marathon athlete body for the steel bar, swimming athletes shoulder bigger etc.. Therefore, in the appropriate load intensity and repetition frequency, reasonable training under restoration resistance strength training will make the body more healthy, more beautiful posture.

Second, abdominal obesity do sit ups can be.

This practice is typical of most probably it did not actually happen. In fact, to reduce abdominal fat experienced situp little effect of sit ups, because such anaerobic exercise, exercise is too small, it is difficult to achieve the bag manufacturer purpose of weight loss.

In fact, to do 45 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, can achieve the fat burning effect, but few people can do 45 minutes of continuous ups. Therefore, reducing the pot, need to adhere to the long-term aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, swimming, etc can all be. In addition, a reasonable diet also need to cooperate with exercise together.

Third, physical labor and housework can substitute for physical exercise.

The reason and the excuse which many women do not exercise. Admittedly, housework will make people feel tired, the heart is lazy, but exercise is independent running system, refers to the systemic, emphasizes the rules sequentially, is organized, planned, movement and controlling the process of exercise intensity, on the collective amount of exercise, the purpose of the intermittent movement. And the physical labor and housework is a lack of systemic, easy to cause the local strain, lack of scientific training control law, which makes the training cannot adapt to the body needs, it is difficult to bag factory achieve the purpose of training.