Alternate Reality Shows


  • American Midol

Nine women, whose cycles are all synced, move into the same LA pad and PMS together.

  • Project: Runway

Watch the drama fly when seven runways at LaGuardia undergo repairs.

  • Dance Dads

Go inside the lives of bored, non-confrontational fathers forced to make small talk with each other while their kids do ballet.

  • Here Comes Helen’s Boo Boo

Helen, a middle-aged Alabama woman who role plays as an adult baby, only wants to talk about her permanently-skinned knee.

  • Chopped

Eight women going through jarring life changes cut off all their hair and regret it immediately.

  • The Amazing Race Card

A diverse group of politicians face-off in an exciting, mostly offensive showdown about the role of race in politics, while running a 5K.

  • 19 Kids and Subtracting

The parents of a large, unmanageable family eventually give up every single child for adoption.

  • Bottom & Top Chef

Sixty-nine gay couples, compatible in the kitchen and the bedroom, compete for the position of Head Chef.

  • So You Think You Can Prance

Horses strut around a farm while three old cowboys vote for their favorite contestant by shouting “Yay” or “Neigh.”

  • Married at First Site

Two strangers decide whether or not they want to wed based solely on seeing the very first GeoCities website each one created in the 90s.

  • Jersey Sure

Get in on the action as New Jersey residents debate whether or not they are sure about living in New Jersey.

  • Dog the Bounty Paper Towel Hunter

An eco-conscious Labrador Retriever goes town-to-town ruff-ing up anyone who uses more paper towels than they really need.

  • Say Yes To the Dressing

Watch brides-to-be ruin a waiter’s life debating whether or not to get salad dressing mixed-in or on the side.

  • America’s Next Top Model Plane

Flyra Banks visits the homes of model-plane collectors and shames them for their lame hobby before announcing a winner.

  • Iron Chef

Ten amateur cooks are hard-pressed to make the best dishes using only the freshest ingredients and a Black & Decker iron.

  • Millionaire Match Maker

Follow the fascinating life of a wealthy, flaming Los Angeles man who has been making matchsticks since the 1940s.

  • Protein Mom 2

The young mothers are back and ready to share their favorite chicken recipes.

  • Catfish

Join Polish fishermen as they meet women from the dating app, Finder, in hopes of hooking up with a total catch.

  • Keeping Up With The Car Dash Cams

See the most talked-about train wrecks caught on dash cams from the West Coast.

  • America’s Got Talons

Watch (like a hawk) as six Americans mysteriously born with bird feet try to claw their way out of harsh stereotypes.

  • Dinners, Drive-Bys and Doves

Follow along as famous loud-person, Dude Fireface, eats a nice meal, fires his shotgun into poorly rated restaurants, then releases the bird of peace from his pick-up truck.

  • Toddlers & Tea Eras

Several precocious kids go through that early childhood phase where they only drink Earl Grey tea.

  • Kate Plus Ape

Reality star, Kate Gosselin, swaps her eight children for a pet ape, who tags along on her search for a prime mate.

  • MasterChef Senior

Geriatrics try to remember where the kitchen is.

  • Bad Girls Club Sandwich

A sub-culture of bad bitches move into the back of a deli, have beef with each other and find it impossible to come out a hero.

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I don't really get it when people try and use Harry's apparent attraction to one gender as proof that he can't therefore be attracted to the other... like, he's already fairly obviously demonstrated that he's attracted to men, him also being attracted to women wouldn't change that. And we shouldn't feel the need to disprove that he could be attracted to women too, because that wouldn't change his relationship with Louis. Idk if he even likes women, but people forget that bi/pansexuality exists.

With me it started off with closely watching how Harry handled girl questions–but agree that it’s not a big thing that people should get hung up on. And I think some people are coming at it from different angles, like the people who want to believe that the tabloid stories are true.

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what's your opinion on the #HeForShe campaign and Emma Watson's morals in general? I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding it and I was wondering how you felt

The He For She campaign is cool, the people who hold power need to pressure the others in power to make changes. Women have been pressuring men for years for change, and little has been done, because people in power like to stay in power. Men gotta pressure men to make rapid significant changes, and that’s going to require sacrifices that men don’t want, but some realize are the right thing to do.

But fam, you can’t even ask me about Emma Watson tbh because I’m so biased. That’s been bae since I was 16.

Mainstream U.S. feminist responses to the trade in women have been lukewarm at best. When Gabriela [Network USA] called on women’s organizations around the world to put the issue of global trafficking of women on their agenda [in the mid-1990s], the National Organization for Women (NOW) declined to do so, stating it does not deal with international issues. The real issue may be that privileged women of the First World, even self-avowed feminists, are some of the primary consumers and beneficiaries in this trade. Middle- and upper-class professional women generally have not joined efforts to improve wages or conditions for care workers in the United States, since they have historically relied on the ‘affordability’ or women of color and migrant women working in their homes, daycare centers, and nursing homes. As Cynthia Enloe observes, 'politically active maids have not always found feminists in the host countries to be reliable allies. Too often local feminist groups in countries importing maids either from overseas or from the poor regions of their own countries were led by women of precisely the social class that hired domestic workers.’
—  Grace Change, “The Global Trade in Filipina Workers,” Dragon Ladies: Asian American Feminists Breathe Fire
to touch the skin of other men

tumblr says “reverse crypt scene,” and it’s 2015 & Barbara Kruger made this in 1981 & I just wait around endlessly for it to stop being true that men can only express emotion onscreen through beating the shit out of each other, while viewers are left with the hard unpaid labor of reading their inarticulacy and ill-concealed microexpressions; but maybe two seasons of television, or ten, or thirty-five years since Barbara Kruger decided red was an obvious color choice for this frisky battle royale, or a hundred years of cinema, or a few centuries of printed material, or barely five millennia of literacy—maybe it just isn’t long enough, and we’re fortunate that at least some humans have developed a sort of compensatory faculty, that passionate attentive fans are gifted with sixth-sense perspicacity and penetrating insight in order to see through blood splatters and past inflicted contusions directly into character, to surmount hurdles of mumbled blunt gruff monosyllables and truncated physical gestures, to intuit or infer or imagine (depending on your viewpoint) that these men in fact love each other deeply. as long as this labor doesn’t also train its practitioners to think they must do this in actual felt life, that this is what’s expected of you, to look into someone’s stony features as they hurt and injure, telling yourself you can see their hidden motivations, tragic backstory and unexpressed-because-inexpressible feelings. or, perhaps it’s the other way around: certain demographics have more seemingly native talent at exegesis precisely because they’ve already had a hunter’s childhood of training, and a decade or two or four of life experiences, all preparing them to do exactly this, and to do it well, lest they make a mistake in reading the text and be punished by that text accordingly. wind up butchered in a bathtub, at the end unfriended and alone.

and now you will write codas that render those unexpressed words clear, and make gifsets that flay the subtlest movements crystalline (trembling hand, swallowing throat, averted eyes, microscopic ghost of a smile); and I will write about what you make, and about you: how marvelous you are, how tirelessly and with such love you spin gold again and again from the poorest straw.

The unbearable daintiness of women who eat with men.

By Kate Handley

A substantial body of literature suggests that women change what they eat when they eat with men. Specifically, women opt for smaller amounts and lower-calorie foods associated with femininity. So, some scholars argue that women change what they eat to appear more feminine when dining with male companions.

For my senior thesis, I explored whether women change the way they eat alongside what they eat when dining with a male vs. female companion. To examine this phenomenon, I conducted 42 hours of non-participant observation in two four-star American restaurants in a large west coast city in the United States. I observed the eating behaviors of 76 Euro-American women (37 dining with a male companion and 39 dining with a female companion) aged approximately 18 to 40 to identify differences in their eating behaviors.

I found that women did change the way they ate depending on the gender of their dining companion. Overall, when dining with a male companion, women typically constructed their bites carefully, took small bites, ate slowly, used their napkins precisely and frequently, and maintained good posture and limited body movement throughout their meals. In contrast, women dining with a female companion generally constructed their bites more haphazardly, took larger bites, used their napkins more loosely and sparingly, and moved their bodies more throughout their meals.

On the size of bites, here’s an excerpt from my field notes:

Though her plate is filled, each bite she labors onto her fork barely fills the utensil. Perhaps she’s getting full because each bite seems smaller than the last… and still she’s taking tiny bites. Somehow she has made a single vegetable last for more than five bites.

I also observed many women who were about to take a large bite but stopped themselves. Another excerpt:

She spreads a cracker generously and brings it to her mouth. Then she pauses for a moment as though she’s sizing up the cracker to decide if she can manage it in one bite. After thinking for a minute, she bites off half and gently places the rest of the cracker back down on her individual plate.

Stopping to reconstruct large bites into smaller ones is a feminine eating behavior that implies a conscious monitoring of bite size. It indicates that women may deliberately change their behavior to appear more feminine.

I also observed changes in the ways women used their napkins when dining with a male vs. female companion. When their companion was a man, women used their napkins more precisely and frequently than when their companion was another woman. In some cases, the woman would fold her napkin into fourths before using it so that she could press the straight edge of the napkin to the corners of her mouth. Other times, the woman would wrap the napkin around her finger to create a point, then dab it across her mouth or use the point to press into the corners of her mouth. Women who used their napkins precisely also tended to use them quite frequently:

Using her napkin to dab the edges of her mouth – finger in it to make a tiny point, she is using her napkin constantly… using the point of the napkin to specifically dab each corner of her mouth. She is using the napkin again even though she has not taken a single bite since the last time she used it… using napkin after literally every bite as if she is constantly scared she has food on her mouth. Using and refolding her napkin every two minutes, always dabbing the corners of her mouth lightly.

In contrast, women dining with a female companion generally used their napkins more loosely and sparingly. These women did not carefully designate a specific area of the napkin to use, and instead bunched up a portion of it in one hand and rubbed the napkin across their mouths indiscriminately.

Each of the behaviors observed more frequently among women dining with a male companion versus a female one was stereotypically feminine. Many of the behaviors that emerged as significant among women dining with a female companion, on the other hand, are considered non-feminine, i.e. behaviors that women are instructed to avoid. Behavioral differences between the two groups of women suggest two things. First, women eat in a manner more consistent with normative femininity when in the presence of a male versus a female companion. And, second, gender is something that people perform when cued to do so, not necessarily something people internalize and express all the time.

Marry The Man Who...

my mom always told me “you’re a strong woman, and that can intimidate some men, so make sure when you get married, you get married to a man who will not be afraid of your success, but celebrate it with you, who will not cower in the face of people who mock him for having a confident woman at his side, but will brag because you make him a better man, who will chase your dreams with you and encourage you to climb Mount Everest or illegally enter a country to tell terrorists about Jesus. That is a real man, not the boy who has no regard for you, saying that you have too many strong opinions. You are who you are- strong, beautiful, and powerful world changer. Marry the man who recognizes that, and loves you for it.”

Those who say that being a housewife is a degrading job should reflect upon the great Islamic scholars of the past, and the significant role their mothers played in their upbringing. These women literally raised people who changed the lives of millions, if not billions of people all over the world.

We applaud women who go out into the workplace, breaking their backs for a meager $1500 or $2000 a month. But when it comes to them wishing to stay at home, raising their children to become a benefit for the whole of humanity, they are suddenly to be pitied and considered oppressed.

I love tumblr. Mostly because this time 8 months ago I had no idea black women and children were being brutally murdered in the states for no reason. I didn’t know that transphobic was a thing nor what pansexual meant. I thought queer was just another word for gay and didn’t believe it when somebody told me homophobia still existed. I thought the time for sexism was over and equality reigned. After I joined tumblr, I became a feminist, a believer in transexuality and a supporter of every non-straight sexuality that exists. I stand up for the black women who deserve justice and LIFE and finally, I believe that I can make a difference in the world. So thanks tumblr, you’ve really been an eye opener for me.

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gdi i've been reading thru ur blog for about two hours now. tumblr's embracing of transgenderism (i.e. transsexuals are literally everywhere; thinking the secong a boy makes a selfie in a dress they are suddenly a girl and nobody should question that) is rubbing me the really wrong way. yet i persist in trying to accept it (i blame myself a little for not being able to automatically do so). radfem hard-hitting questions are making me rethink this, but... 'equality', y'feel me? it's difficult.

I know it’s hard, especially since it’s becoming so popular but I’ll try to give you my thoughts. First of all, the aim of feminism isn’t exactly that simple. It’s liberation for women, and you need to thoroughly understand the consequences that embracing concepts like transgenderism have. Less women only spaces (aka. washrooms, changing rooms, etc. that will permit men into them bc now ‘women with penises’ is a thing apparently and srs isn’t even something men have to think of doing to be considered a woman), less to no ability to be vocal about women-only issues like abortion, periods, pregnancy, contraception because as you’ve probably seen, now it’s ‘exclusionary’ to speak freely about women’s issues and call them women’s issues. 
Here are instances of men abusing/raping women in washrooms and claiming protection with laws protecting gender identity.

Our voices are being silenced, our experiences dismissed for the comfort of men who think they are women because they experience dysphoria, or now just men who ‘feel’ like femininity suits them better than masculinity. But here’s the thing. Women aren’t naturally made to completely embrace femininity. It is pain, and pain that allows men to keep their oppressor status, and subdue us. Femininity entails our submission, our sensitivity and emotional support constantly- which is why women accept transgenderism because we have been taught to always be so completely considerate and put other people’s feelings and needs before our own. We are ‘naturally’ supposed to be caring, empathetic, not too loud, allowing people to take advantage of us. 

People who support trans theory are being emotionally manipulated by men who are used to getting what they want, because that’s what masculinity teaches males - entitlement. The physical consequences of femininity are ghastly as well, like, you see how excruciating it is to spend days in high heels, but women keep doing it. They physically rip out their hair, hair that has grown naturally, in order to seem ‘clean’ or ‘groomed’, ‘soft’ and ‘smooth’, all these ideas go back to looking younger, more like children than grown women on the same level as their male counterparts. Easier to control. Why is masculinity associated with hair when women grow hair in almost all the same places? Our moustaches, beards, nipple hair, armpit hair, chest hair, it’s all natural. Why do we go through so much pain to rip it all out? Who says we are any less of women if we have all that hair and want to live comfortably with it? Men are just as capable of growing their hair out long, so why is it ‘unmanly’ of them to do so? Trans theory supports femininity and masculinity, by saying to “be” a  man or woman you have to fit into a certain set of ideals/stereotypes based on masculinity or femininity. 

There is a bigger picture. By grooming girls and boys from the time they are born, teaching girls to play with dolls, boys with warships and cars, they show them that there is a difference growing up male and female. That to be a boy you have to like only certain things and stifle yourself emotionally. To be a girl you have to cater to other people’s feelings, and you have to let the boys run things. How do you think it looks to a child to see only men at the top positions, running the world of tech, science, physics? We learn by observation and a girl looking at it would see no place for herself. Women have been shut out of these fields, STEM. Their achievements whispered while men’s printed in the history books. Women have been victims to the abuse and violence of men for centuries, because masculinity is seen as a valuable trait. To run the family, to provide for it, to take care of their wives and children. But women have their rights to vote, to get jobs, to education in a lot of the world now, however they are still being abused, and not seen as equals. 

The image of a woman in media is one of sexual availability, the purpose is to provide appeal to the male gaze. You can call it empowering that she’s barely clothed, that her positions are unnatural and sexual, almost always. But it doesn’t change the fact that, ultimately, doing that, you’re making it easier to justify this sexualization and hence degradation of her. Men have only seen this image, that and the nurturing, emotional, sensitive image of women. They are not aware of what it’s like to live as her. The constant fear, rejection because she’s a woman, the degradation because she’s a woman, the entitlement to her body because she’s a woman, the constant desire to perfect herself superficially, embedded into her from the time she was a child, because she is a woman. They will never understand the mental, social, and emotional experience of living from birth as a woman. It’s not a question, it’s a fact.

When men say they ‘feel’ like a woman, we need to ask ourselves, what does that mean? What do they mean when they say they ‘feel’ like a woman. This is the most important, of all the questions. What do men believe women feel like? Emotional? Nurturing? A desire to adhere to femininity- that is, wear makeup that ruins our skin, get treatments to ‘fix’ our bodies- breast implants, liposuction, ass implants, botox, wear hair extensions, get our nails done, is that what being a woman is? Dressing up? Shopping? Looking pretty for men? The libfems would say ‘we look good for ourselves’, but where did the ‘good’ version of yourself come from? The poreless, hairless, flawless, airbrushed, perfectly curvy self that women learn to aspire toward, young girls fret about their weight, get eating disorders, for this ideal. Where did it come from? Do you think it is innate and we were born to do it?

When I think of ‘feeling like a woman’, I think of fear. Fear of men, most of all. Fear of inadequacy, because I can try as hard as I want, my voice will always come second to a man. I think of anger, because of how much we fight, everyday, for our rights to exist, as however we want, we are still picked apart told we are ‘equal’, told we are less simultaneously, told we are here for other people’s use. To be mothers, to be child bearers, to be small and smaller until we take up as little space as possible to make everyone else comfortable. Why are loud women a hilarious stereotype? Because we’re not meant to make too much noise, to be ‘vulgar’. Why is being loud, opinionated & confident traits that are negative with regards to women but not men? Because of the system of inequality we exist in right now.

I refuse to accept men calling themselves women because they ‘feel’ like it. They will never know what it feels like. They will never understand our experiences, our burden, and our lives. And their entire concept is based on stereotypes that are the cause of our pain throughout our lives. We are not femininity. We are not long hair, tight dresses, high heels. We are not by default mothers, or delicate, or soft, or submissive. I am not ‘genderqueer’ or ‘genderfluid’ or ‘nonbinary’ because I reject femininity. I am a woman. A woman is a female, and everyone who is female, is a woman. If she has a moustache, if she refuses to wax her legs, if she doesn’t want children, if she cannot have children, if she menstruates, or even if she cannot. She is a woman. 

When we abolish the system of gender, when we are no longer confined to our stereotypes based on masculinity and femininity, then we will be ‘equal’. Then men who wear dresses, who want to wear makeup, who are sensitive and emotional will not be ‘women’. They will just be men, existing the way they want. Women will not have to give up their spaces, their time, their experiences to comfort men. 

@tiffany_janes AMAZING progress! 😍😍 I’m get so happy every time I scroll through #bbgprogress and see so many beautiful women with life changing stories!!! Tiffany said, “A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence”

I love this quote! 😄👌 With persistence, consistency and focus, YOU can achieve anything you want👊 You can see in this progress photo, Tiffany hasn’t lost “heaps of weight” but she’s certainly a LOT more toned and confident now! This could be YOU! Join #kaylasarmy


Watch on inhershoesnow.tumblr.com

Women + Humor = Change.  

”Because women are on the ground floor and we know traditions so well, we can bring a different voice to the table.” -Liza Donnellyhttp://on.ted.com/8sdw

(reposting from January because this just fantastic)

She Shapes The City

Nairobi is a bustling and rapidly changing metropolis. Buried in grit and greenery, nobody can deny that it is an African city set to fast forward. Much of this change taking place is being led by women.

The #SheIsNairobi campaign was a fantastic collaboration between Anne Mpinga, Mia Collis and Cynara Vetch celebrating women in Nairobi. We have now grown and are excited to introduce She Shapes The City brought to you by a growing team of phenomenal women in Nairobi! She Shapes The City launched on on May 1st.

She Shapes The City presents real Nairobi women; intellectuals, creatives, entrepreneurs, volunteers, wage earners. What they share in common is that each is making a difference to this city.

We know these ladies are only a small snapshot of the fantastic people and stories for this city. We want to know from you, who are the woman that are shaping Nairobi? Please email us at sheshapesthecity@gmail.com

Stepping up my workout game to twice a day. Starting this morning, I’m waking up super early to run along with going to the gym or other means of working out in the evening.
I’ve cut out almost all bread and stopped drinking pop. I’m cutting out red meat and slowly working my way back to pescetarian.
I’ve been pretty tired, more sore, but I know I’m so much healthier than I was.

(If anyone has questions or advice they’d like to share, feel free to message me!)

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What self diagnosed diseases do you have

Depression, schizorphrania, autism, aspurgers, polymophic-identity confusion disorder, OCD, PTSD, phobias(lots of them so mind your triggers please), patriarchy oppression disorder(to be fair, a lot of people have this except the highly privileged cis white able bodied male), hepatitis, transplant disorder, herpes, cancer, AIDS(yes you can get that without ever having sex, educate yourself), “Diabetes”(in quotations because it’s not really that, I just display symptoms that somewhat fit the description of the mythical illness known as diabetes that doctors use to shame fat women into changing who they are to fit their patriarchal worldviews)